Iron Man’s Armor Transforms Daredevil Into Super-Powered Demon


Everyone knows how traditional Daredevil is when it comes to battling crimes. His street-level vigilante crime-fighting skill makes him one of a kind, but the Man Without Fear also welcomes all kinds of upgrades.

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Daredevil Marvel Comics
Matt Murdock aka The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen

Matt Murdock’s enhanced abilities and heightened senses make him super alert at all times, giving the man superhuman talent, including the knack for detecting lies. By day, he works as a lawyer, and, by night, he serves as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.


Although Murdock usually has his trusty pair of weapons with him when he fights and he wears a special kind of costume that protects him from guns and knives, a little upgrade won’t hurt especially if this will help him get rid of crimes.

Marvel's Daredevil


From Daredevil To A Demon Clad In Powerful Suit

In Marvel’s Daredevil #13 by Declan Shalvey, Murdock possesses a super-powered armor which equals that of Iron Man’s suits. Called the Daredevil’s 2099 armor, it charges Murdock’s pair of billy clubs to produce a strong energy blast. The hi-tech suit also enhances his agility and strength and moreover, installs visual sensors in the devil’s horns.

Daredevil Iron-Man 2099
Daredevil 2099

This is not the first time Marvel Comics created an Iron Man-inspired armor for Murdock. Samuel Fisk, the modern Kingpin and grandson of Wilson Fisk, took up the Daredevil role in 2004’s Daredevil 2099. The hero was given a pair of launcher boots, high-end weapons, and auto-target pistols, making the job a little easier. While this variant of Daredevil treads on the evil side, it shows that the character is very much open to future upgrades.


While this story arc certainly gives a promising future, it was not fully explored as much as fans hoped it to be. As long as Marvel still works on making such upgrades for the character, there is still hope that they will revive and continue this story.


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