Iron Man & Captain America Fight Again In New Civil War

Iron Man and Captain America fight once again in the new Civil War, but differently this time. Marvel fans love a good tension between the two Avengers which was seen in the MCU as well. When it comes to the comics, Cap and Iron Man see themselves on the opposite ends for the third time. Of course, this time, it’s different because the idea of a third civil war was risky due to the poor reception of the prior idea. But without further delay, let’s dive into it.

Iron Man & Captain America Fight Once Again In New Civil War

Marvel Comics Avengers Annual #1
Marvel Comics Avengers Annual #1

In Avengers Annual #1 from Jed McKay and Travel Foreman Captain America and Iron Man go after the new host of the Soul Stone. All of this ties into the Infinite Destinies Event. In the previous tie-ins, heroes have gone after different stones. This time, the Soul Stone has chosen a young synthetic person called Ward, who’s now Multitude. But one aspect that excites us all in this issue is the everlasting disagreement between Iron Man and Captain America.

Iron Man & Captain America Fight In New Civil War
Iron Man & Captain America Fight In New Civil War

When the two heroes confront Ward, Tony is ready to go all out but Cap resorts to a peaceful way. However, things escalate when Ward is being stiff and Cap has to eventually listen to Tony. We then see that Ward uses illusions to keep the two avengers busy. In a surprising turn of events, Ward summons illusions of Cap to fight Tony and Tony to fight Cap. Even though it wasn’t a real fight, but it’s clear that we need something along the same lines.

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I’m not saying that Steve and Tony need to be on the opposite sides always. But we all love a drama between the two characters as they represent a certain aspect o trait of each other. So the two Avengers mirroring themselves in terms of different opinions leading to drama is just what the doctor ordered. This in turn makes their relationship very dynamic.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht