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Iron Man’s Perfect Armor Ignites His Ego To Its Full Extent

Iron Man is famous for his high-end armor suits, state-of-the-art gadgets, and his enormous ego, but in this case, it seems that one affects the other.

Iron Man comics
Iron Man in Demon in a Bottle story

Tony Stark has always struggled with his self-image, and more often than not, he gets into trouble because of it. His ego is regarded as problematic in ways that when he makes discoveries, he boasts it like no one’s ever going to do that other than him. Until one of his armored suits managed to tap into his ego in the most fascinating way.

Up to this day, Stark fights his demons without making it obvious to everyone around him. In the Demon in a Bottle story, Tony faced his alcohol addiction like a pro and overcame it before losing everything he has.

How Iron Man’s Suit Saved Him From Being Corrupted

In Christopher Cantwell’s latest issue of Iron Man, Tony juggles a lot of things both in his personal and professional life: fights a villain on another planet, deals with his company’s issues, and suffers from a broken neck that required him to take morphine (which caused him to get addicted again).

Iron Man Marvel comics
Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfect #5

One of Stark’s suits became his support system. Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfect #5, created by Greg Pak and Renato Ariem, saw Iron Man and other heroes like Storm and Wolverine get exposed to an alien kind of serum. It managed to infect Iron Man’s suit, but Storm saved Stark and brought him back to safety. The alien serum‘s effect is to make the host feel as if they are perfect.

Iron Man certainly knows it is not real. His self-awareness brought him back to normal, with the help of Storm and the protection from his armor. Tony’s mindfulness, despite his large ego, saved him from a potentially damaging illness that could corrupt someone’s mind.