Iron Man: Unpopular Opinions About The Trilogy From Reddit Fans

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Iron Man kicked off the MCU journey and opened up a lot of opportunities for Marvel Studios to bring to life other characters that we are now fond of. Indeed, Iron Man has a solid fan base, and, admit it or not, he is a central figure in the entire MCU.


Although his character is celebrated and admired worldwide, some fans have different opinions about him, the actor, and the entire Iron Man trilogy. Fans took to Reddit their views about the movie series and here are some of them:

The Mandarin Scene Was Good

Mandarin Iron Man


A lot of fans hated the twist on the Mandarin plot. Some said he could have been the most terrifying villain but he ended up being comedic relief. In the comics, the Mandarin is one of Iron Man’s worst enemies. This is why it came as a disappointment when the character suddenly turned into an actor paid by Aldrich Killian.

Reddit fan OctorokHero thinks that it is “one of the most unique topical twists the MCU has done.” Whether he thinks this is a great idea, some fans are not quite happy about it.

Justin Hammer Is A Great Villain

Justin Hammer


This became an issue with Iron Man 2: the villains are not what fans anticipated. Instead of the omniscient, soul-terrorizing antagonists, we got funny and forgettable villains. Fans think that Justin Hammer was not that scary at all.

A user from Reddit MathBelieve loves Sam Rockwell’s portrayal of Hammer. The fan also said that he “is one of my favorite villains”. A lot of fans actually wish for Rockwell to reprise his role and make a do-over of this character.

Tony And Pepper’s Relationship Is Better Than Steve and Peggy’s

Tony and Pepper Iron Man


Of all relationships in the MCU, Tony and Pepper’s is the most unique of all. Although their love story is not the focus in the films, it seems a little pushed to the backseat. But for Steve and Peggy, their romance became an important element in Captain America movies.

Reddit user sagewren7 thinks that Tony and Pepper’s relationship is more realistic because it slowly grew over time. He also thought that it is “much more enjoyable and believable” than other love teams.

A.I.M. Should Have Been Explored More

Aldrich Killian AIM Iron Man


The Advanced Idea Mechanics, or A.I.M., is an organization founded by Aldrich Killian that appears both in the comics and the third Iron Man movie. It was supposed to play a huge role in the film, but it was somehow overshadowed by a lot of other events.

A fan from Reddit 2073040 wished that the A.I.M could play a bigger threat to the MCU rather than “just being the main antagonist faction in Iron Man 3.” Indeed, it deserves a comeback.

Iron Man 3 Is The Best

Iron Man RDJ


Both the second and third films received mixed reviews from fans and critics due to their storylines and Tony Stark’s character development. Still, Reddit user MajorRocketSceiene thinks that “it might be one of the 5 best MCU movies.”

Despite criticisms, a lot of fans do love the third film. Perhaps it is just a matter of preference and perspective.


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