Iron Man Was Almost in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2

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Marvel’s initial plan for Iron Man might include a crossover with a fan-favorite superhero flick: Spider-Man 2, directed by Sam Raimi. The MCU began with Iron Man. But before it made the MCU possible, other superheroes already had their movies, which is most notably Spider-Man in Sam Raimi’s trilogy.


Introducing Your Favorite Character: Spider-Man

They are one among the Most Loved Duo!

The Spider-Man trilogy was released mid-2002-2007. While Spider-Man 3 wasn’t stable, the trilogy is credited for redefining the modern superhero genre. As Sony reserves the rights to Spider-Man, Peter Parker not only arrives in the MCU but also got his solo film after the Civil War. Under Tony Stark‘s supervision, MCU welcomes Spider-Man. But their worlds could have crossed unexpectedly that too in a different version. Spider-Man films are their universe. Separate from that of the MCU, they couldn’t have been linked years ago. As the initial plan for Iron Man included a crossover with Spider-Man 2 through a villain.

Iron Man: Who Almost Was The Creator Of Tentacles

Iron Man: Who Almost Was The Creator Of Tentacles
Could anyone Imagine our Iron-Man linked with Doc Ock

Iron Man was a notable risk for Marvel Studios, being its original self-finance movie. Everything altered out for the best and marking the birth of the MCU. The initial plans for Iron Man being entirely different from the ultimate product. An early outline of the script reveals it linked to Spider-Man 2 of Sam Raimi. The Plot included Tony Stark as the inventor of Dr. Otto Octavius’ tentacles, and thus would have played an essential part in Spider-Man 2. Octavius was struggling on a fusion power-project and using robotic tentacle arms’ harness with AI to control dangerous elements. During a demonstration, the project went wrong. The tentacles developed sentience and became permanently attached to his body, earning the nickname “Doctor Octopus.”


This Collaboration might End in Much Different Way

The invention of Evil tentacles might be a problem for Iron Man

Doc Ock’s tentacles were not the origin of Spider-Man 2. Presuming that he designed them to help Doc with his experiments. It is assumed mainly as he does say he originated the inhibitor chip that protected his brain function. Besides, it would’ve been a little difficult to believe that Tony Stark wouldn’t have thought of that when creating the tentacles. However, it also could have been a collaboration, with Octavius handling some parts and Tony the rest. This crossover wasn’t feasible since Sony holds the claims to Spider-Man 2. Also the agreement that offers Spider-Man’s incorporation in the MCU possible. While it significantly links both the worlds, it was eventually for the benefit. If Iron Man not incorporate a reference to Spider-Man 2, it’s impossible for the MCU to be its own thing.

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