MCU Brings Back Iron Man’s Original Mark 1 Suit (But There’s A Twist)  

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MCU brings back Iron Man’s original Mark 1 Suit in their brand new series “What If…?”


“Spoiler Alert” You may find some spoilers of the new series “What If…?” Season 1, Episode 1 “What If… Captain Carter Was The First Avenger”?

The Tesseract ‘Space Stone’ And Iron Man’s Original Mark 1 Suit


‘Hydra Stomper’, an Iron Man Armor created by Howard Stark, closely resembles Tony Stark’s original armor designs. The powerful Tesseract, otherwise known as Space Stone, runs the Hydra Stomper.

Tony’s armor is still connected to the Tesseract in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony’s jury-rigged suit, which he wore to avoid captivity in the original Iron Man, didn’t hold up that much power. The nanite armor used in Avengers: Endgame to strengthen the Infinity Stones held the same kind of potential. The kind that Steve used in What if…? which happened 75 years earlier and was almost as powerful.


Captain Carter Is Back With Full Power

In the first episode of Marvel’s What If…? Captain Carter has a powerful suit of armor which has some significant advantages. Seconds before undergoing a super-soldier transformation and being injured by a gunshot, Steve Rogers stares at Carter while she takes his place instead.


However, even without the Super Soldier Serum, Steve Is anxious to fight. Howard Stark arranges the Hydra Stomper to join Carter and the Howling Commandos in the field immediately. The first episode takes a brilliant twist adding to Carter’s enhanced powers with a set of incredible action sequences. There is far more to this powerful suit of armor than it seems.

The Invulnerable Suit

Howard Stark told Peggy about how the suit is invulnerable when the Tesseract powers it. All the previous battle records also prove it. Hydra’s planes and tanks do not leave any dent in it. Steve launched them without any effort.


In Captain America: The First Avenger, Red Skull’s trap on the train was a very clever nod to the death of Bucky. A massive load of explosives crashes in front of Steve, which destroys the train and all the other Howling Commandos have to jump for their lives.

But Steve stays protected, and the suit remains 100 per cent unchanged.


Any signs of vulnerability are seen only when the Tesseract is removed. Even after removing it, it still produces enough power for Steve to break free and unite with Peggy. The Iron Man’s nano suit was even more powerful than the Hydra Stomper evidently because it required to channel the energy of all the Infinity Stones.

Until the Tesseract is in the United and responsible hands of Steve Roger and Tony Stark, the Hydra Stomper is the beginning of this universe. Wonders and surprises.


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