Is Amber Heard Responsible for James Gunn Deciding To End Aquaman Franchise After The Lost Kingdom?

Amber Heard Responsible for James Gunn Deciding To End Aquaman Franchise
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DC Universe has been creating an entirely new path for itself to escape its reputation of the past. With this in mind, some steps may be considered massively harsh yet just as necessary which James Gunn has been brave enough to take. What first began as the decision not to include Henry Cavill as Superman in the franchise, soon led to Wonder Woman 3 possibly not being taken forward and now the scrapping of the Aquaman film series altogether.

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A still from Aquaman with Amber Heard as Mera and Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry

There have been speculations regarding who or what might be responsible for such drastic decisions being pushed. One thought that occurred in the minds of the fans happened to be regarding Amber Heard’s controversies and how they might be responsible for the Aquaman film series being scrapped and Jason Momoa being recast.

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Amber Heard Could Be The Reason James Gunn Chose To Scrap Aquaman Altogether

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been going through a rollercoaster of changes and reshoots, some claiming a massive involvement of Ben Affleck’s Batman while others claiming the removal of Amber Heard‘s Mera. Many wanted the actress out due to the controversies that surround her. This back-and-forth amongst the fans could very well be a reason for James Gunn’s decision to have the series end after its second movie.

A still from the movie with Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Although it would not mean that Jason Momoa would no longer be a part of the DCU. In fact, he might just return as an entirely new character, that is, Lobo. He might turn from a hero to a villain and neither Affleck nor Dafoe’s characters are reportedly a part of the sequel. Additionally, Aquaman might appear in the upcoming The Flash movie, though that is only a preliminary plan at the moment. James Gunn recently hinted at a Lobo movie in a social media post. According to reports, Amber Heard’s position in Aquaman 2 may have been diminished, but she is unquestionably in it. Her future with DC is still in jeopardy due to the Johnny Depp scandal.

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James Gunn’s Decisions To Turn The DCU Around

It has been a lengthy and struggle-filled path for the DCU up until now. Each movie was a hit and miss and no matter how much hype was to be created, each project felt like there had been something missing. Apart from that, certain actors had been revolving from one problematic controversy to another, such as Ezra Miller and Amber Heard.

Aquaman 2 could be the last we see of Jason Momoa as the character

Not only that, but their chains to the Snyderverse were becoming more and more difficult to get out of. Hence, Gunn’s decision to a complete turnaround makes sense to not only get rid of the previous issues but to also get a fresh start. So while fans might take time to adjust to this vision, it has been the first glimpse of a solid plan for the franchise.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be available to watch in theatres on 25th December 2023.


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