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Is Armored Core 6 Longer than Elden Ring? Minimum Time to Finish From Software Game Revealed

Is Armored Core 6 Longer than Elden Ring? Minimum Time to Finish From Software Game Revealed

From Software’s Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon was released on 25th August and has lived up to the hype that it had created as of now. The game saw a player count of 150k on Steam and became the fifth-biggest launch of 2023 on day 1 of its release. As the game reviews and gameplay surfaced online, it is rumored that the game is longer than Elder Ring.

Armored Core 6 is a major entry in the AC franchise in a decade and is back with thrilling mech action with a new setting, theme, numerous changes to gameplay, and more. While gamers have been well accustomed to Elder Ring‘s massive length, they must still be wondering if they’ll need to spend the same amount of time to beat AC6.

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Is Armored Core 6 longer than Elden Ring?

Armored Core 6
Armored Core 6 Mech Fight

Even if the reports are true about Armored Core 6 being 50-60 hours long, there is no way that the game is longer than Elden Ring. From Software hasn’t been very reliable at giving playtime estimates. Elden Ring Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki had said that Elden Ring would take only about 30 hours without many detours when asked.

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Well, there hasn’t been a single player who’s been able to complete the game in under 30 hours unless it’s speedrunners who do it in minutes because an average player who plays leisurely would need at least around 80 hours. Also, Elden Ring is an open-world game and there is no way it is shorter than a linear action shooter game like AC 6.

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How Long to Beat Armored Core 6?

armored core 6
Armored Core 6 has multiple endings

Armored Core 6 is reportedly 50 to 60 hours, which makes the previous games in the franchise look ridiculously small. According to game director Yu Yamamura, the main campaign in AC 6 will easily take players approximately 20 hours to complete and it is just a single playthrough of the main campaign. According to the howlongtobeat’s data at the time of writing, players will need well over 15 hours to do the main story, a little over 21 hours for the main and extras, and 31 hours for a completionist run.


The report of the game being 50-60 hours came from a preview by Fextralife and it’s likely that it was referring to the game’s completionist run. Also, the gamers think that earning all the trophies in the game will take around 50 hours and players will also spend loads of time customizing mechs or replaying the missions to try to see multiple endings in the game.

Armored Core 6
Armored Core 6 Battle

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There are a total of 5 chapters in Armored Core 6 and each chapter comprises various missions for players to complete. Additionally, the game also features a New Game+ and New Game++ that bring additional missions during some chapters and a secret ending. Considering, all that the game has to offer, the game is definitely not longer than Elden Ring, however, it will surely need quite a bit of time investment from players.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms. Are you playing Armored Core 6?

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