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“Is Disney aware”- Johnny Depp Can’t Stop laughing When Disney Exec Addresses Pirates 6 Future

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial seemed to have captivated the entire world at this point. There is a lot of bias against one of the case’s opponents, Johnny Depp. His charming nature and fantastic sense of humor in court have ensured that his true personality is shown, and thus more people come forward to advocate for him. Depp is seen laughing his heart out when a recent testimony delivered by Disney executive Tina Newman was played in court. Here are the details:

What happened in the Disney executive’s testimony:

Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

An argument posed during a Disney executive’s testimony in the current defamation suit against Amber Heard amused Johnny Depp. Tina Newman, who serves on the Pirates of the Caribbean series, was questioned regarding Depp’s future in a prospective sixth picture in a pre-recorded statement delivered to the court on Thursday. “Do you know whether Mr. Depp is being considered for a role in Pirates 6?” Heard’s lawyer questioned. Newman replied, “I don’t know one way or another, as the decision does not fall within my job responsibilities. It’s above my pay grade”.

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$300m and a million alpacas:

Johnny Depp in court.
Johnny Depp in court.

While talking to the Disney executive even further, Amber Heard’s lawyer continued: “Is Disney aware that Mr. Depp has testified under oath that he would not take another ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise role for $300m and a million alpacas?” Again, Newman answered: “No”. When asked if Disney would consider paying Mr. Depp more than $300 million and giving him over a million alpacas in order to secure his participation in any further ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ roles, the executive declined. As a consequence of this questioning, Depp and his lawyer Camille Vasquez were spotted chuckling together.

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Another big revelation by the Disney executive:

Johnny Depp and Disney exec Tina Newman.
Depp and Disney exec Tina Newman.

Tina Newman stated in evidence that she never received any internal memos on Amber Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed. This might be a major issue for Johnny Depp, who alleges that Heard’s article about being a victim of domestic abuse slandered him and lost him enormous amounts of money in future projects, including a prominent part in a Disney-produced Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Newman, on the other hand, testified in court that she never saw any material that mentioned the op-ed, never discussed it, and did not hear about or participate in any conversation about its implications.

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