Is Doctor Strange 2 The Last Movie For Charles Xavier? Patrick Stewart Gives His Verdict

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Patrick Stewart, 81, reprises his role as the X-Men franchise’s Professor Charles Xavier and debuts in the recent Marvel film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier Professor X
Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange 2

Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier from X-Men

Stewart was last seen as Charles Xavier in 2017’s Logan, where the character was killed by the deadly and murderous clone X-24 of Logan.

Xavier who appears in Doctor Strange 2, is a variant of Charles from the multiverse gets killed as a member of the mysterious, multiversal conclave known as the Illuminati. This alternate version of Charles Xavier is quite similar to the character seen in the ’90s-era X-Men animated series.


“Yes! It was very unlike the Porsche that I was driving in the films. That was a very fast, very manipulative wheelchair. And when I first saw the monster that I was going to be driving in this one, I was dismayed. But it was fine. It worked very well.”

After the Doctor Strange 2 super Bowl trailer was premiered, Stewart confirmed that he was in the movie which was affirmed when Disney and Marvel teased the actor’s appearance as Prof. X with TV ads.

Is Doctor Strange 2 The Last Movie For Charles Xavier?

Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier as a cameo in Doctor Strange 2

The 81-year-old actor revisits his other iconic role in the Season 2 finale of his Paramount+ series Star Trek: Picard. which happened to air just one day before Doctor Strange 2.


“Just like Picard, I was a little unsure at first if it was a wise thing to do,” Stewart told the Variety, “Given that Logan had been such a powerful movie and we watched him die in Hugh Jackman’s arms. So having seen [Multiverse of Madness] on Monday night, I’m very happy and very proud that I’ve been part of that.”

Stewart has shared some thoughts on returning to a familiar, yet unique, role in the film.

“It was a day and a half’s work,” the actor told Variety. “I was in a very different environment from the one that I had ever been in, in any of the X-Men movies. And just like Star Trek: Picard, I was grateful for it, because I could think refreshingly about who he was and how he related to others.”


When Stewart was asked if Charles Xavier, who played in Doctor Strange 2, will return. to that, he answered,

“Charles Xavier? Yeah. There may be. You know, the whole X-Men comic series is so huge, so vast, there might be an opportunity in which he comes back. We’ll see.”





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