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Is Fortnite Finally Getting the Long-awaited First Person Mode?

Fortnite may get a new and franchise first 'First-Person' mode soon.

is fortnite finally getting the long-awaited first person mode


  • New leaks suggest Fortnite might finally get first-person mode soon, after the mode has been rumoured for so long.
  • The first-person mode may arrive in the next season.
  • Fortnite is currently in Chapter 4 Season 5.

Fortnite, one of the most popular battle royale games has been praised by players for its latest season Fortnite OG. The latest season gained positive reviews as it brought back all the action from the first-ever chapter of the game. As players enjoy the nostalgia trip, it looks like Epic Games has something more coming for the players soon as leaks reveal that the game might be getting the much-awaited first-person mode next season.

Fortnite Might Get First-Person Mode Next Season

Fortnite might finally get first-person mode, leaks reveal.
Fortnite might finally get first-person mode, leaks reveal.

Fortnite only has third-person mode and while players thought and wanted that the game should get first-person mode, it has been very unlikely. However, it seems like that might change and first-person mode may finally grace the game.

As per the reliable leaker, NotJulesDev on X/Twitter, the first-person mode might come to creative next season. This has also been acknowledged by other trusted leakers such as GMatrixGames. NotJulesDev posted:

First Person mode will also come to creative! It will be a device that can toggle FP on and off. It’ll also cost 1,451 memory.

Fortnite players were excited upon receiving this news and it is expected that first-person mode will likely be coming to battle royale sooner or at the same time. Fortnite currently only features third-person mode and although there is the first-person view in the game when aiming down the sights, the addition of the dedicated first-person mode will be a significant one.

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However, players are advised to take these reports with a pinch of salt as there have been reports earlier this year at the start of Chapter 1 stating that the first-person mode is coming soon but it hasn’t happened yet. Additionally, there were also rumors that wall running and double jump would be coming to the game as well.

Such rumors for FPP mode had also surfaced earlier this year during season 4.
Such rumors for FPP mode had also surfaced earlier this year during season 4.

Epic Games also does not reveal or announce anything about updates and new features coming to the game until the very end so players might want to wait for an update from developers about this. It remains to be seen if players will get the first-person perspective soon.

It is also doubtful if players want to see first-person mode in the game as many find it boring now and even though most battle royale games are in first-person mode such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty, if this mode will be welcomed by the players.


Fortnite has been making waves with its current season Fortnite OG and although the game has been popular since its release back in 2017, the current season brought back all the elements of the first season. The latest season brought back several players as the game saw over 44 million players on day 1 of the new season.

Fortnite is currently in Chapter 4 Season 5 titled Fortnite OG.
Fortnite is currently in Chapter 4 Season 5 titled Fortnite OG.

The game brought back old locations and weapons as well as some new stuff as well. It would also be interesting to see if next season will keep Fortnite OG in some way or just scrap it. As for the current season, a new leak has hinted that characters from the popular Amazon Prime Video animated series, Invincible are coming to the game soon.

It is rumored that skins of popular characters including Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve will be coming to the game. There will also be new back bling and loading screens coming for the characters, however, it is not yet clear when or if these skins will drop in the game.

Fortnite developers have also recently introduced a new age-ratings feature that restricted some items and skins from being used in certain islands and has enraged the community.

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