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‘Is he the next Keanu Reeves?’: Paul Rudd Befriends Boy Whose Classmate Wouldn’t Sign His Yearbook, FaceTimes Him To Reassure ‘Things Get Better’

Paul Rudd Befriends Boy Whose Classmate Wouldnt Sign His Yearbook FaceTimes Him To Reassure ‘Things Get Better

Paul Rudd has sent a 12-year-old boy, named Brody Ridder, an Ant-Man helmet and has FaceTimed with the kid and talked to him over texts. Best known for FRIENDS and his role as Scott Lang/Ant-Man in the MCU, the actor is also known for his wholesome persona, both on-screen and off-screen.

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd

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What did Paul Rudd send the boy to reassure him?

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd is friends with a 12-year-old boy

Paul Rudd recently reached out to a 12-year boy, Brody Ridder, because he was bullied in his school, and his friends refused to sign in his yearbook. Rudd sent a letter to the boy, along with a signed Ant-Man helmet. The boy’s mother, Cassandra, had shared pictures of both things on Facebook.

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How did Rudd and the twelve-year-old boy become friends?

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd is a lovely person

The boy’s mom, Cassandra, had first posted about the yearbook incident in late May, after picking up her son from school, who was upset because his friends did not sign his yearbook.

Paul Rudd, sent a letter to this boy saying that even when life gets tough at some points, life eventually gets easier. He continues the letter by saying that there are so many people that love the boy and think that he is the coolest, him being one of them. He also wrote in the letter to the boy that he can’t wait to see all the beautiful things the boy will accomplish in his life.

Since then, Rudd has FaceTimed this kid and they have talked as well. and all of this was captured by his mom, and posted on Facebook.

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What touched Paul Rudd’s heart?

Cassandra, the boy’s mom had written on Facebook, expressing her concerns about her son, saying that she is worried that her son is not getting better, because there are only two signs from the teachers and two signs from his friends on his yearbook, despite him asking all kinds of kids to sign in his yearbook. She then added an image of her son’s yearbook, which was almost empty.

She also said that her son had been bullied, and had been given names. Her son was having a difficult time. Brody’s story has since then become viral and touched many hearts including Paul Rudd, and the High School students joined together to sign his yearbook.

Considering that both Paul Rudd and Keanu Reeves don’t seem to age, the two actors also seem to have found common grounds in their endless kindness and empathy.

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Source: PEOPLE

Written by Kathakali Sarkar