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Is James Gunn Making Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 2? Suicide Squad Director in Talks With WB for Secret DC Project

man of steeel

DC has always had a peculiar penchant for meandering into the unknown, or perhaps, the cinematic universe seldom has any other options but to go with the flow. Either way, something new is cooking in the magical cauldron of the DCEU, and the only details fans have managed to get their hands on so far is that it is a secret project, which is equivalent to getting no information at all.

James Gunn
James Gunn

James Gunn is reportedly in the middle of setting up the paraphernalia for the said secret project, and according to rumors, it might just have something to do with a Man of Steel sequel. One can always dream.

James Gunn is reportedly working on a mystery movie

Quite a lot of things are piled up on DC’s plate as of right now, with what the head of the franchise, Walter Hamada’s tenure coming to an end post-Black Adam‘s release this Friday. And recently, Peacemaker director James Gunn was said to be working on a new movie, but clandestinely, along with the British film producer, Peter Safran.

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James Gunn
James Gunn will return to direct Peacemaker season 2

However, even though the project Gunn has apparently taken up is one of DC, there hasn’t been any comment from the side of Warner Bros. either confirming or denying the claims. At the same time though, an insider source recently claimed that “DC is definitely in play.” 

But one thing is sure, the second season of Peacemaker isn’t the only thing Gunn is working on. The 56-year-old filmmaker is certainly busy with other potential DC projects. Although it is unclear as to what exactly those projects are going to be about, it’s a start at least.

What is James Gunn presently working on?

Not much information has been revealed other than the fact that it is a possibility that the Suicide Squad director might be working on a second Superman movie.

A Man of Steel 2 was initially not going to happen at all with Henry Cavill reportedly not a part of the DCEU anymore. However, as it was Walter Hamada who was keen on not bringing the English actor back as he’d claimed to have plans of his own with regard to a Superman movie, things are bound to change as he leaves his position in the franchise.

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Man of Steel
Henry Cavill reportedly returning for Man of Steel 2

Besides, Dwayne Johnson’s efforts in reinstating Cavill back as DC’s Superman clearly proved to be fruitful as more and more talks about the same become confirmed. A couple of important questions are still yet to be clarified, one of the most important being which movie or superhero team is Gunn planning to go ahead with.

The Slither director himself had mentioned that he isn’t one to work on solo superhero movies and has always been more of a team-up projects kind of a guy. He also has way more experience in the latter and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and DC’s Suicide Squad are some of the most renowned examples of the same. In that case, fans might have to bid farewell to the Snyderverse for good though.

Other than that though, nothing is definitive given the current circumstances of DC. But with Cavill set to make his comeback as Superman, anything can happen now.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

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