Is Jamie Foxx Planning Retirement From Acting After Nearly Losing His Life? Insider Addresses Fans’ Concerns Amid Marvel Star’s Recovery

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Is Jamie Foxx Planning Retirement From Acting After Nearly Losing His Life

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has given some incredible performances throughout his career. But following certain health ailments, the actor took a break from his career recently to recover and recuperate. His absence from the industry concerned his fans; however, the actor didn’t disclose anything about his illness, which led to a swirl of rumors.

Recently, the actor opened up about his health and how he has been foing since his sudden hospitalization back in April. Also, as per an insider, he has some plans for his career as well.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

What are Jamie Foxx’s plans for his career?

Jamie Foxx made headlines after suddenly being hospitalized back in April 2023. His unknown medical condition raised concern among the fans, yet Foxx and his family decided to keep mum on the topic. During the time he was hospitalized, his family members requested privacy from the media and fans.

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However, now the actor is in better condition and has made some plans for his career. Previously, the actor took to his social media handle and showed his gratitude to all his fans for supporting him during a crucial phase. Moreover, the actor also addressed his career plans.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

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Following this, an insider shared that Foxx is planning to resume his work post-recovery. The insider told a news outlet,

“Jamie’s recovery is going really well. He’s on to the next chapter and appreciative of what happened to him, but he’s not going to let it limit what he’s doing on a daily basis. He’s the type of person to do what he wants to do. It’s mind over matter. When he feels ready to do something, he will do it. He decides for himself when he’s ready. … He has a wonderful team surrounding him who have been so supportive. But also have kept him very protected.”

Indeed, this is thrilling news for all Jamie Foxx fans, as they can never have enough of the actor.

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Jamie Foxx’s work got affected after his hiatus from acting

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx has set his foot in the film industry by proving his impeccable talent. The actor has not just been part of some iconic films; he is also renowned for his hosting gigs. The actor rose to prominence after featuring in the sketch comedy show In Living Color before commencing his television show, The Jamie Foxx Show. 

The actor was quite busy with his gigs before being hospitalized earlier this year. He worked on They Cloned Tyrone and the upcoming Netflix film Back in Action, opposite Cameron Diaz. He completed They Cloned Tyrone, but due to his medical condition, he could not finish filming the latter. For the completion of Back in Action, Foxx’s body doubles were utilized.

Moreover, the actor wanted to return as co-host of Fox’s Beat Shazam, but again due to his situation, the production of the show resumed without him and  Nick Cannon and Kelly Osbourne took over as hosts of the show. Though Foxx couldn’t finish his projects, soon the actor will return with a bang.

They Cloned Tyrone, starring Jamie Foxx, can be streamed on Netflix.

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