Is Johnny Depp Dating His Lawyer – Camille Vasquez?

Camille Vasquez - Johnny Depp Lawyer
Camille Vasquez - Johnny Depp Lawyer
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Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard has garnered considerable attention. After his disastrous romance with Amber Heard, netizens now speculate that Depp has formed a bond with his attorney Camille Vasquez. On social media networks, footage of the star with Camille from the courtroom is circulating. Here’s all you need to know:


Social Media support for Depp-Camille:


Fans are very excited to know the status of Johnny and attorney Camille Vasquez’s dating status after their courtroom encounter. Many admirers turned to social media to voice their enthusiasm over the rumors. “Whether it’s friendship or something more, I be watching Johnny Depp x Camille Vasquez interactions like,” a Twitter user stated. “If Mr. Depp gets with Miss Camille Vasquez. Omg dating a lawyer would be so cute. Well, I hope she’s single because I see flirting and I hope they live happily ever after,” another one wrote.


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Are Johnny and Camille really dating?

Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez.
Rumored couple, Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez.

Despite popular belief, Johnny Depp and his lawyer, Camille Vasquez, are not dating at the moment. In an interview with TMZ, a source close to Camille debunked all the rumors. According to the source, the conjecture is “nothing more than social media fan fiction”. However, the connection between the two, as well as their relaxed talks, has gone viral on social media. So who knows, maybe Depp and Vasquez may give it a shot when this whole trial ordeal is done with!

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the trial.
Depp and Heard in the trial.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial began on Monday, April 11 in Fairfax County, Virginia. It has now evolved into a daily soap opera with breaks. The reason for this is that the case’s judge, Penney Azcarate, has previously booked this hiatus due to personal engagements. As a result, there will be no session this week. We’ll have to wait until May 16 to find out how things turn out.


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