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Is Microsoft’s $130 Billion Buyout Of Sony’s PlayStation Division True?

We thought the Disney-Fox Deal was the deal of the century. But what came as a surprise twist a few days ago blew us all away. A recent leak from a Spanish portal claimed that Microsoft has bought Sony’s PlayStation division for a record sum of $130 Billion. Gaming enthusiasts worldwide were left gasping for air. This was particularly too hard a pill for hardcore PlayStation Loyalists to swallow. Rumors of the deal started surfacing all over the internet pretty soon after that. Like a Chinese Whisper, the rumors started claiming Microsoft did not just buy out Sony’s PlayStation division. There was more.

Apparently, the $130 Billion deal was for Microsoft taking over entire Sony – the giant multinational conglomerate.

Some said it was a hoax. Some said the news could be true. Many were claiming past precedents to describe the authenticity of this ‘leak’. Microsoft has been on a buying spree as of late. They had earlier bought ZeniMax Media for a whopping $7.5 Billion. ZeniMax Media is the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, the Game Publisher of popular games like Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, and the Fallout series.

Microsoft’s Xbox console has always been lagging behind the Sony PlayStation. The latter has had a very formidable exclusive games library, something that had always given Sony’s console the edge in sales ever since the inception of modern console gaming. The takeover of Bethesda was supposed to add a few Xbox Exclusives to the Microsoft library. So maybe Microsoft did the unthinkable and bought the Sony PlayStation division? That seems pretty plausible considering Microsoft has better coffers and deeper pockets than Sony.

Hoax Or Legit?

Before we give you the answer, let’s just take a deep breath. The Sony PlayStation owners would be absolutely on edge at the prospects of losing out to Xbox owners, the greatest console rivalry in the world. A closer inspection of the news will show us a clearer image.

Did Microsoft really buy out Sony? The answer is…..

HELL FREAKING NO! Internet is a weird and strange place. Don’t believe everything it feeds you. The leak first came into notice at a certain Spanish portal and then was picked up by a site called the “Microsofters”. The news eventually made it to primetime EN24 News on social media. It was then that it all began. The original source made very convincing arguments. Many intricate and clever details like the company trying to take advantage of Sony’s core strengths – mainly its camera and gaming technology.

Japan had always been a tough market for Microsoft. This was supposed to be the company’s first inroad into the Land of the Rising Sun.

It doesn’t take too much brains to figure this out. Many would never believe this news in the first place. But gaming fanatics cane be a very erratic crowd at times. a deal like this must be all over the internet. It’s not. The ‘leak’ was ironic in the sense that it came on December 28. In Hispanic Culture, the day is called “The Day Of Holy Innocents”. In other words, it was the Spanish April Fool’s Day.

This was all just an evil little prank.

Source: FreePressJournal

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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