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Is Pete Davidson Exiting SNL – Here’s The Truth

The 47th season of Saturday Night Live or SNL is now coming to an end. The season had a good run for a comedy show that has been on TV for so long. But now one of its major stars is leaving the show. He was also the longest-running cast member of the show. Yes, according to a report by Variety, Pete Davidson would be exiting SNL. The season’s finale might be his last episode on the show.

Is Pete Davidson really exiting SNL?

Is Pete Davidson really exiting SNL
Is Pete Davidson really exiting SNL?

The reason has not been confirmed and NBC has not said anything yet on the news. But Davidson has left a lasting impression ever since he joined the show in 2014. At first, he would do a routine of Weekly Updates, where he would make fun of himself. He then would bring in sketches of his own. One of the most popular sketches by him has to be the Chad one. It was the funniest recurring segment on the show. Also, his impressions and singing were a few other talents he showed off on it.

Pete Davidson joined SNL when he was 20
Pete Davidson joined SNL when he was 20

He was only 20 when he joined SNL, but now he is leaving the show. The comedian had managed to keep us entertained whenever he was on the screen. Fans loved the way he would sometimes break character. He, too, like other casts of SNL has faced a fair share of controversy but that is not the reason he would leave the show. He isn’t the part of many episodes this season as he is a part of James DeMonaco’s horror film, The Home

Pete Davidson became a star with SNL

Being only 20-years-old when he first joined the show, Pete Davidson wasn’t a well-known name. But now, in 2022, everyone knows the comedian. He has even starred in a number of films. It includes Set It Up, The Suicide Squad, The Dirt, and The King of Staten Island. Judd Apatow’s film, The King of Staten Island was highly acclaimed and is based on his life.

He also has a few other projects coming up soon. The list includes Bodies Bodies Bodies, Wizards!, and Bupkis. Though it is quite sad for the fans that Davidson is leaving the show, hopefully, he’d be a part of the finale.

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