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Is Prey 2 Happening? Director Dan Trachtenberg Hints ‘Something Very Unique’ For Potential Sequel

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Prey is a 2022 American science fiction horror action film based on the Predator franchise. The reboot of the Predator franchise has gone better than most people had expected. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison the film was released on August 5, 2022. The story revolves around Naru, a skilled Comanche warrior, who is protecting her tribe from a humanoid alien that hunts humans for sport.

Recently, the possibility of Prey getting a sequel surfaced when Dan Trachtenberg himself addressed towards the potential sequel.

how prey breathed new life into the predator franchise
Prey (2022)

The success of Prey was all due to its Originality

Seeing how well-received the film has become and was beyond people’s expectations, Prey was something new and unique in the predator franchise. Centred around the Comanche tribe, the film had a first-ever full Comanche language version, which was received well by the fans.

how prey breathed new life into the predator franchise
Amber Midthunder played the role of Naru

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Fans also appreciated the experiment done by the writers to want to give fans a look at Comanche tribes that existed in history, and this fictional race of aliens. Brad Curran of Screen Rant stated how the Comanche characters’ clothing, village setting, and hunting lifestyle depicted in the film were historically accurate.

The villain was also given a make-over to suit the overall setting of the story. The classic design was changed to more of a wild and primitive character as the story was set in a historical background.

Also, the character of Naru holds so much power. She is not a hot-headed person who simply jumps into things. She is someone who thinks about the situations around her thoroughly and plans her next course of action, something she learned from her brother.

Will the reboot of the Predator franchise Prey get a sequel?

A scarier predator in Prey?
Prey (2022) is the fifth franchise of Predator

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Recently in an interview, the director of Prey, Dan Trachtenberg talked about a possible sequel of the film in the future. He said that there are discussing additional installments to be made in the film, saying that they intended to “do things that have not been done before” in the franchise.

He further states that thinking like this makes room for many different scenarios that could be used for the sequel.

“It leaves room for lots of different kinds of sequels to be made. I don’t know if we’re ready yet to say exactly what we want to do next, but I think there are lots of cool opportunities.”

He also states that while others have a post-credits scene, we have a story to tell in our ending scenes.

“We do something very unique in that, whereas other movies may have a post-credits scene, we have some storytelling inside our end credits themselves.”

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If we follow Trachtenberg’s words then we realised how in the credits scene, we see a hide blanket that depicts more Predator ships returning to the Comanche territory, leaving it open for a possible sequel.

A sequel of Prey simply means that we would get to see more of such an amazing plot and its characters.

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Written by Mansi Sharma