Is Skull and Bones on Game Pass?

Are you looking to dock your ship with Game Pass?

Is Skull and Bones on Game Pass?


  • The co-op pirate RPG title Skull and Bones is finally releasing on February 16 after 6 years and 6 delays.
  • The game will only launch for Xbox Series, PS5, and PC and is not coming to Xbox Game Pass.
  • Skull and Bones requires an online connection and PS Plus and Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscription to play on consoles.
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Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones is finally set to release on February 16 after multiple delays and as players desperately wait for the co-op pirate action RPG to launch, they have one big question about the game, is Skull and Bones on Game Pass?


This question is valid given that many Ubisoft titles are available on Microsoft’s subscription service due to tie-ins with the company and several games are featured in the catalog. It’s also good for players to know if they can play the game via Game Pass or if they need to purchase the game.

Is Skull and Bones on Game Pass?

The answer to, Is Skull and Bones on Game Pass is no.
The answer to, Is Skull and Bones on Game Pass is no.

As much as players would have loved it, Skull and Bones, unfortunately, is not coming to Game Pass, not for the time being, and players should not expect the game to arrive any time soon as well. The main reason behind the game skipping the subscription service is because Ubisoft has its own subscription service, Ubisoft+ which is the priority for the publisher for its first-party titles.


This is the reason why Assassin’s Creed Mirage and the recently released Metroidvania title Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown also did not land on Microsoft’s subscription service. It does not mean that the game would never come to Game Pass but it will be a long while before that happens as Ubisoft is looking to grow its subscription service and hence is taking these steps.

This is surely disappointing for players who were looking to try out the game with the service before they decided if they wanted to stick with it or not. The game is being released after over six years since its announcement and suffered multiple delays, making then interested players skeptical about the game, and thus, players want to get a hands-on experience of the game.

However, the game will only be available on Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC via Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store and Amazon Luna. But players looking to not pay the full price for the game can play it with a Ubisoft+ subscription that costs $14.99 for a month and would also give them access to hundreds of other Ubisoft titles.


The game will be released on February 16, 2024, and players can play the game three days early with a Ubisoft+ subscription on February 13. An open beta is also scheduled from February 8 to February 11 and registered players can play it ahead of the release. The open beta is now available to download and install.

Moreover, the game will also be available in early access on Microsoft and PlayStation consoles as well but players need to get the Premium Edition of the game which is available for $99.99. The Premium Edition comes with a Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection featuring outfits and ships, extra missions, a digital art book and soundtrack, and the first premium battle pass for free.

It is important to know that Skull and Bones is an online-only console title and players will need to have a Game Pass Core or Ultimate and a PS Plus subscription to be able to play the game.


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