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“Is that arrogance of age or something?”: Amid Fans Demanding Daniel Radcliffe As Replacement, Hugh Jackman Said He’ll Be A Better Wolverine In MCU Due to One Reason

Amid Fans Demanding Daniel Radcliffe As Replacement, Hugh Jackman Said He'll Be A Better Wolverine In MCU Due to One Reason

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has always been a fan favorite and his portrayal has been unparalleled thanks to his extreme dedication to the character for 23 years and counting. Last seen in Logan, the actor is due to reprise his role alongside Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

While fans are certainly beyond excited to have him come back after his ‘death’, many have been demanding for the Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe to be his ‘replacement’. Amid all this demand and excitement, Jackman revealed the one reason why he is the better Wolverine in the MCU and that he is even better at it now than he was years ago.

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Reason Why Hugh Jackman Thinks He Is The Better Wolverine

Jackman as Wolverine
Jackman as Wolverine

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Hugh Jackman first appeared as the popular mutant back in 2000 in X-Men. He has since been unstoppable and went on to portray him for 17 years until he finally decided to hang up his metal claws in 2017 after his character died in the dark and gritty Logan. Now set to reprise his role in Deadpool 3, to say that fans are elated to have him back would be a gross understatement.

However, amid fans’ excitement about his last portrayal of the popular character, the movement to have Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe replace him has been gaining considerable momentum. And the X-Men star had some words to say about why he is the best and better Wolverine, even at the age of 54 years.

In an interview with Variety, the star stated,

“A little part of me now thinks I’d be better at it. Is that arrogance of age or something? Wolverine’s a tortured character — more tortured than me. But I always get the feeling of him being comfortable in his own skin. And I feel more comfortable in my own skin now, even though it’s messier.”

While he is certainly working hard to get back to his celebrated role, fans of Radcliffe haven’t slowed down to have him cast as a young Wolverine.

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Fans Want Daniel Radcliffe To Star As Young Wolverine

Radcliffe's physique for Miracle Workers Season Finale
Radcliffe’s physique for Miracle Workers Season 4 Finale

While there have been many actors for a single superhero over the years, there has only ever been one Wolverine on the big screen. But after Hugh Jackman departs from his popular role apparently after Deadpool 3, fans are once again vouching for Daniel Radcliffe to be cast as the young Wolverine.

More recently, these rumors were once again fueled by Radclffe’s jacked physique in the season 4 finale of his TBS show Miracle Workers. Some even interpreted it as a hint that he is ready to play Wolverine in MCU’s version of X-Men. Even though the actor has often debunked these rumors, fans are convinced he would be the perfect new Wolverine.

Meanwhile, Deadpool 3 will be in theatres on May 3, 2024.

Source: Variety and Men’s Health

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