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“Is that why they cast you?”: One Piece Fans Are Not the Only One Who Are Obsessisng Over Zoro Actor Mackenyu and His Killer Jawline

"Is that why they cast you?": One Piece Fans Are Not the Only One Who Are Obsessisng Over Zoro Actor Mackenyu and His Killer Jawline

One Piece live-action season 1 was a superhit and broke several records. The credit for the ground-breaking success goes to everyone involved, including the actors. The actors who played the characters did an outstanding job, which fans appreciate and are extremely happy about. One of the most prominent performances was given by Mackenyu, who played the role of Zoro.

Mackenyu As Roronoa Zoro In One Piece Live Action
Mackenyu As Roronoa Zoro In One Piece Live-action

Aside from Mackenyu’s performance, which fans have fallen in love with, there is one other thing that everyone seems to like, and that is none other than his jawline. In a YouTube video published by Netflix, actor Jacob Bertrand, who visits the crew, is impressed by the jawline of Mackenyu, like the other fans.

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Why do fans love Maeda Mackenyu so much?

Maeda Mackenyu has been a topic of discussion among One Piece fans since the series’ release. He has a very likable personality and is very down-to-earth as well.

Fandomwire Video

When popular actor Jacob Bertrand visited the crew, he was very impressed by the jawline of Mackenyu and asked him whether it was the reason they decided to cast him as Zoro.

When One Piece live-action was announced, everyone was intrigued by who would play Zoro, as he is one of the vital characters in the plot. It is safe to say that Maeda Mackenyu has nailed his performance, and fans are delighted.

Swordsman Zoro
Roronoa Zoro – One Piece

One other aspect of him aside from his acting abilities is his sharp razor, like Jawline, which is often highlighted by several fans and viewers.


When it was announced that Maeda Mackenyu would be playing Zoro, there was a tiny bit of doubt in the community about whether he could play such an iconic character. But after witnessing him in action, everybody is convinced that no one could have played it better.

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Maeda Mackenyu from One Piece live-action reads thirst tweets

Mackenyu is a very private actor and often prefers to live a silent life. He is also married, but no details are available on who he married. It came as a surprise to a lot of fans, as they were expecting Mackenyu to be single.

In a video published by Netflix, they made Maeda Mackenyu read their tweets regarding him. He was not expecting so many tweets regarding him.

One of the highlighting reasons for the success of season 1 of One Piece live action was the actors’ performances, as they tried to stay as close to the characters as possible.

Mackenyu as Zoro
Mackenyu as Zoro

Mackenyu, being a One Piece fan since childhood, was very glad to have the opportunity to present it to him, as it happens that one of his favorite characters is also Zoro.

Season 2 of the One Piece live-action has been announced; however, no release date has been announced yet.

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Source: Netflix’s Youtube Channel

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