The PlayStation 5 Slim is Launching Later This Year According to FTC Documents

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As many people are aware currently, Microsoft is at the moment in a court battle with the US Federal Trade Commission for the rights to purchase Activision Blizzard; this deal so far has been a rather eventful battle between Microsoft and the FTC and has even caused Sony to be involved in the battle, due to this many pieces of information have been leaked in regards to both companies, and now there has even been leaked information regarding a potential release of a PlayStation 5 Slim later this year.


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Where has the PlayStation 5 Slim information come from?

Is The PlayStation 5 Slim Launching Later This Year

Throughout this court battle, numerous different leaks have come about in regard to game release dates, prices, revenues of consoles and much more, but nothing as big as a whole console release. During the most recent proceedings, there have been more pieces of information that have been revealed to the FTC that have now leaked.


The most recent document explains how the current generation of consoles that both Xbox and PlayStation have released are within a reasonable price range of each other, which details how the likes of the Xbox Series X cost $299.99, the same as a Nintendo Switch, but a digital PlayStation 5 costs $399.99 and reveals that an expected release of a PlayStation 5 Slim is set to release later this year at the same price as the digital PlayStation 5.

Even though this information hasn’t been officially confirmed, we can all but assume that there will be a PlayStation 5 Slim released later this year. The pricing, however, as always, will be suspected to change but is unlikely.

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How will this information affect the court battle and the console war?

Is The PlayStation 5 Slim Launching Later This Year

With this new information being released, it will be putting the FTC in a rather complicated position as they will have to now look at how this will impact the revenue of Sony and how much it will affect Microsoft and their sales of Xbox. Due to this court battle, both Sony and Microsoft have had a lot of secrets revealed during the court battle which have caused issues for both companies so far, there hasn’t been any information that can harm the companies themselves, but it is becoming one of the biggest court battles over the recent years that have caused this many ups and downs.

Right now, there isn’t a lot of information in regards to what the expectations are for the PlayStation 5 Slim, but due to the pricing of the PlayStation 5 Slim and its digital counterpart, it will be a roll of the dice in how this will affect the market and whether it will bring in the revenue that Sony is expecting or whether it will just fall flat.

At the moment, this court battle is still going strong, with many countries agreeing to the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft whilst some are refusing; for instance, Canada has now begun to question this purchase as they have found some “inaccuracies” in Microsoft’s court filings and they will begin to investigate this. What do you think about this new information regarding the PlayStation 5 Slim? Let us know whether or not you are going to purchase it if it does come out in the comments!


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