Is The Rock Replacing Will Smith as Genie in Aladdin 2?

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In the past few months, Will Smith’s famous slap story at the Oscars involving Chris Rock has been running all over the Internet. The repercussions of the emotional action by Will Smith have led to his image heartbreakingly falling. It looks like the slap hit invisibly more at Smith than the comedian Chris Rock.


The news sparked rumors that Rock will be replacing Smith in Aladdin 2. Will Smith would not have imagined the event which took place at the Oscars.



Is this call to replace Smith an act of revenge?

In 2019, Will Smith who is mostly known for his role in. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” first made his debut in the live-action film ‘Aladdin’ as a Genie. The globally hit Aladdin earned around $1 million. No doubt Smith as an actor is phenomenal and has lived the iconic character in tremendous ways. According to the reports of Inside the Magic, Rock has a chance to replace Smith in Aladdin 2.

Will Vs Rock
Who is winning the role in Aladdin 2?

Originally Robin Williams played the mythical iconic character in 1992 in an animated film. With the rumors coming out from multiple sources, it is sure that Rock may take the role of Genie. Dwayne Johnson famously known as ‘The Rock’ is a professional wrestler who in recent years has turned into an actor. The history of Will Smith as an actor has been phenomenal. Fans believe that the renowned actor can only do justice to the role.

Will Smith Vs Dwayne
Will Smith as genie!

The reaction of Disney after mishaps has always been quick! If we look at the history of controversy reacted by Disney, Rock may replace Smith in Aladdin 2. Dwayne Johnson, like a genie, would be interesting to watch. Let’s hope he can add enough charm to the role and show the audience his skills in the world of cinema.


But how much would the slap cost Smith?

Will Smith Vs The Rock
# In Aladdin, Rock would not be that bad a genie!


Though the rumor has not come out of a trusted source, it has already shaken the life of Smith. The only thing which assures of this rumor is the timing of the news which came about just after the famous Slap by Smith took place at the Oscars.

Did Smith lose his role because of the Slap?
The Answer still lies in the confirmation by Disney but the rumors cannot be fully ignored.


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