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‘Is This How They See Us?’: Miles Morales as Thor in Recent What If Storyline Gets Massive Backlash For Black Stereotype

In the multiverse, Miles Morales, the web-swinger goes by different superhero names and has different powers. In the What If…? Marvel comic issues, a section is devoted to the character originally created by Brian Bendis, that explores the kid transforming into Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, and now Thor.

Miles Morales
After Wolverine, Cap, and Hulk, Miles Morales becomes Thor in the Marvel ‘What If’ comics

The latest issue of What If… Miles Morales #4 by Yehudi Mercado, Luigi Zagaria, Chris Sotomayor, and Chris Petit turns Miles Morales into an African-American Prince of Asgard, Thor Odinson. But the internet is mad about the huge stereotype that Marvel’s new Thor is painted to be of the particular community.

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Who is ‘Miles Morales’ in What If Storyline?

Several new changes were brought to the Marvel comics issue of What If… Miles Morales #4. For one, Morales is not in the realm of Asgard but in his hometown of Brooklyn which the comics call his “hood”. Wearing Air-Valhalla Nike and a Thor armor somehow attached with the drawstrings from a hoodie, the new Thor calls for his hammer with the catchphrase “Hammer Time!”

Thor Miles Morales
Miles Morales as Thor with Mjolnir

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Also boasting of a highly graffitied Mjolnir, it seems like the internet has had it with all the stereotypes. Some have even pointed out that the new issue has put Asgard in the ghettos. Michael Wilson of Lake Forest Park, Washington, claimed, “The dude who wrote the Thor miles comic is white” and in counter-reply, Yehudi Mercado replied, “You should get paid by @23andMe! I love how I’m not Mexican enough for Twitter.”

Mercado further added, “I should have added more upskirt shots, and then you would have loved it!” @23andMe! is a genomic and biotechnological company that tests genetics to reveal ancestry and other genetic predispositions, usually for aid in health-related services.

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Internet Is Not Happy With The New Miles/Thor

Although some have appreciated the new diversity in the Thor storyline, others were not such great fans. Of all the internet critics, comic book creator, Kevin Grevioux, was perhaps the most critical of the new character. He wrote on Facebook:

“STRAIGHT OUTTA AZGARD!!: “THOMEBOY”?? REALLY?? Beta Ray Bill, an ALIEN, got a better hook-up than brother Miles! And a new hammer to boot!! Blonde flattop fade, graffiti on the hammer, speaking Asgardian ebonics? Wearing Air-Valhalla Nikes while he BOPS down the Bifrost? Is this how they see us? I’m surprised he’s not palming a BASKETBALL with his other hand and going for that 360 from the top of the key “thunder-dunk”.

The new Thor in ‘What If… Miles Morales’ Issue 4

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Grevioux argues that not all black characters should be written by black writers just as not all white superheroes like Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, or Spider-Man should be written by their corresponding demography. But he simultaneously holds up the obvious shortcomings when all parties are not involved in the executive decision-making process.

“But is this what happens when we’re not in the room and part of the decision-making process when it comes to creating our own images? Are we that unwanted? And when we do create our own images, do they try to keep us away from them after conception so they can insert their own views about who they want us to be? And how they want us to be perceived? Does this topic really have to be that difficult? I think they sincerely want diversity. They just don’t want diversity from US.”

The What If… Miles Morales #4 is now available in Marvel Comic stores.

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