“It absolutely slaughters bugs”: Players Calling New Helldivers 2 Stratagem a ‘Piece of crap’ Labeled Crybabies by the Other Side

It seems like the Helldivers 2 players are done with the crybabies in the community.

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  • The Helldivers 2 community has come together to blast players who have criticised the new EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit.
  • Players pointed out one shouldn't expect the suit to make them invincible as Helldivers 2 is a squad game where each member's contribution is necessary.
  • The Terminid Supercolony on Meridia will soon be taken down.
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Once again, the Helldivers 2 community is left divided after Arrowhead Game Studios added a new Stratagem to the game. After players managed to complete a recent Major Order, the community was awarded the EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit, a variation of the Patriot Exosuit with dual auto-cannons. A small part of the community has claimed that this new Stratagem is underpowered. However, this part of the community has been labeled as crybabies by the rest of the fanbase.

Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)
Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)

No one can really tell what these players were expecting from this Exosuit as it is not something one can use solo on a battlefield in a squad game. Indeed, the game allows players to go on solo missions but they are designed in a way that requires every squad member’s contribution.

Helldivers 2 community bashed players who criticized the new EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit

The EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit in Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)
The EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit in Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)

A Reddit post on the r/Helldivers2 subreddit has acknowledged all the hate surrounding the new EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit in Helldivers 2. The post highlighted that players who are criticizing the new Exosuit don’t understand that Helldivers 2 is a squad game so they can’t go on solo missions with just the Exosuit. Obviously, the Exosuit needs to have some limitations like every other Stratagem in the game.


Even with the limitations, the EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit is powerful and many players have confirmed it. Thanks to its strong dual auto-cannons, players are having a blast on the battlefield. For a limited time, all Helldivers can use the Stratagem in any mission. However, the autocannon ammo is limited so use it wisely.

Phase 1 of Operation “Enduring Peace” has begun

The Terminid faction in Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)
The Terminid faction in Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)

Completing the last Major Order was indeed a remarkable achievement but this doesn’t mean that the war is over. A new Major Order has been announced, ordering players to take control of Fenrir III, Angel’s Venture, and Turing to create a path to the Meridia planet in the Umlaut Sector. This is the first Phase 1 of Operation “Enduring Peace,” which is an operation that is being carried out to destroy a Terminid Supercolony on Meridia permanently.

It has been revealed that Super Earth got a new prototype bioweapons called Dark Fluid from the Illuminate faction to put an end to this Supercolony. It is necessary to take this down as it has caused mutations within the Terminid faction. At the time of writing, players have managed to take control of Fenrir III and Angel’s Venture while Turing is 90% completed. It’s safe to say that players will complete this Major Order as well within the time limit.


Helldivers 2 is available on Windows and PlayStation 5.


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