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“It all started with a Bond movie”: Oldboy Director Park Chan-Wook Wants to Direct the Next James Bond Movie as Producers Hunt For Their 007

Who doesn't want a James Bond movie made by Park Chan-Wook?

Park Chan-Wook, the mastermind behind some widely acclaimed movies like Oldboy, Snowpiercer, and Lady Vengeance, expressed his interest in making a James Bond movie. The news presented a very interesting take amidst all the chaos that’s going on around the next 007 movie. The studio hasn’t reported anything about who can take over the role of Bond. But who knows we might have spotted someone who can helm a James Bond flick in the future. 

Park Chan-Wook
Park Chan-Wook

The latest release of Park Chan-Wook titled Decision to Leave garnered positive responses worldwide and marked a whole new style of work for the director. The 59-year-old kept this project devoid of his traditional violence and grittiness and thus the movie also opened to a lot more audience.

Park Chan-Wook’s interest in making a James Bond movie

The Vengeance Trilogy director explained that he always had an interest in leading a project related to the British Tuxedo-clad spy. Park Chan-Wook even praised the Bond movies to be his primary source of inspiration for becoming a director. He doesn’t remember the name currently, but it was probably Moonraker that sparked the director in him.


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Speaking to Deadline, Park Chan-Wook explained that although he wants to captain a James Bond ark, he doesn’t hope the people will love it much like him. Although he didn’t confess why people are unlikely to enjoy the movie, his dark style of filmmaking can be a reason.

“Yes, that would be fun. But I’m not sure if the people watching it would have as much fun as I would making the film.”

When the Thirst director further talked about how his career owes a lot to the James Bond movies, he said:

“Those of you who’ve seen my latest film might find this hard to believe, but I think it all started with a Bond movie. I was in elementary school at the time. I think it was maybe Moonraker, but it was certainly a Roger Moore [one]. I got really into the film, and I had fun imagining different stories from it in my head when I was home by myself.”

The South Korean director explained that Korea was a totalitarian society so they only allowed some particular amount of people to travel out of the country. So the Bond movies helped him to imagine himself in those exotic places and have those adventures himself.

Roger Moore speaks about Steven Spielberg being rejected in the James Bond movies.
Roger Moore as James Bond

One of the things that we find very fascinating about Bond movies is their escape sequences. During his childhood, Chan-Wook used to watch those traps and special technology weapons and devised those daring escapes in his head.

“So those crazy traps and weapons made with special technology and effects and the ingenious ways in order to escape from them, I had very detailed, imaginative stories in my head of how that would happen”

We don’t know if Park Chan-Wook would ever find his dream of making a James Bond movie come true but it would surely present the British spy in a very different avatar. 

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Who can be the new James Bond? 

007 James Bond Logo
007 James Bond Logo

After Daniel Craig left the James Bond franchise with his No Time to Die, the studio still hasn’t announced any new name for the role. There are numerous speculations regarding a large number of names of some A-List actors but nothing’s official as of yet.  

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The makers of the James Bond franchise recently exclaimed that James Bond is a veteran and not some school-going boy. This eliminated one major name that’s Tom Holland which was considered for a while. But the confusion is still persistent as popular choices like Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, Rege-Jean Page, and Tom Hardy are still there in the list. 

All the James Bond movies can be streamed on Amazon Prime while Park Chan-Wook’s Decision to Leave is running in the theaters

Source: Deadline

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