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“It didn’t make much sense to me”: Avatar Star Sam Worthington Nearly Saved Ryan Reynolds’ Career Before Getting Fired From Green Lantern


We all have done our fair share of mistakes in our life, and just like normal human beings, we try to make up for those mistakes. But Ryan Reynolds did an almost career-ending mistake with 2011’s Green Lantern, and for that, he had to jump ship to Marvel and give us 2 spectacularly outstanding Deadpool films to make up for it. Believe it or not, if it wouldn’t have been for the blunder with Warner Bros., we might have never seen the red-clad gun-for-hire version of Reynolds.

ryan reynolds green lantern
Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern

But what if we told you that this catastrophe could’ve been averted, only if another actor hadn’t given himself to his curiosity? When the 2011 film was looking for the name holder for Hal Jordan, Warner Bros. had considered a plethora of other suitable candidates, and one of them turns out to be none other than the lead actor of the 2009 blockbuster Avatar. Though Sam Worthington could’ve saved Ryan Reynolds from being cast in the movie, it was more important for him to quench his curiosity thirst.

Avatar Star Could’ve Saved Ryan Reynolds From Being Cast In Green Lantern!

James Gunn does not consider Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern a priority.
Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern

With so many trolls and memes made over the issue for years at this point, Red Notice star Ryan Reynolds is pretty familiar with his monumental screw-up with his casting as Hal Jordan in 2011’s Green Lantern. Still considered one of the biggest missteps of his career both by his fans and himself, he had to don the red suit and travel through the metaphoric 4th wall in Deadpool 2 to stop a version of Ryan Reynolds from taking on the role, by killing him of course.

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But before he came along, it is revealed that another actor was chosen to play the role of Hal Jordan in the film. Sam Worthington, known for his then-recent role as Jake Sully in James Cameron’s Avatar, had been almost finalized for the role. But his quirk to be overly curious about the character he was to play, coupled with his arrogant streak after doing the blockbuster Cameron masterpiece were reasons enough for Warner Bros. to kick him off the project and bring Reynolds, the next best alternative. In an interview with Variety, Worthington said:

“It didn’t make much sense to me — the suit comes out of his skin?” Worthington recalled. “And I was like, ‘He’s got this powerful ring that can create anything. Well, what can beat the ring?’ The answer was, ‘Nothing.’ I was like, ‘Well, something needs to beat it, or it won’t be very interesting.'”

This is one of the things that Worthington said that might’ve been taken personally by the management, which ended up losing him the role of the Green Lantern and saving Reynolds’ career from embarrassment.

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What’s Next For Sam Worthington And Ryan Reynolds?

image 1
Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) in Avatar: The Way Of Water

As it stands, both of these superstars have long work schedules in front of them. Worthington has reprised his role as Jake Sully in the recently released Avatar: The Way Of Water, the sequel to the 2009 film, and is reportedly also the main character of the upcoming sequels. While on the other hand, Reynolds is all set to get in the red suit and blast us all with his wits and humor, and also bombs, in the upcoming Deadpool 3, which is also bringing back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!

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Deadpool 3, in cinemas on November 8, 2024

Source: Insider

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