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‘It does crush you….It wasn’t easy at all’: Henry Cavill’s Insanely Brutal ‘The Witcher’ Routine Fans Thought Made Him So Dehydrated It Ripped His Abs

Henry Cavill The Witcher

Henry Cavill is widely known for the array of roles he has done in his career as an actor. From playing Superman in the DCEU to Charles Brandon in The Tudors, he has time and again put his brilliant acting skills on display. Apart from his acting, he is also known for his muscular physique.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Actor Henry Cavill

His ability to transform his body to adhere to what the role demands is quite commendable. However, it’s certainly not an easy task. Recently, Henry Cavill opened up about the levels of training he went to for his role in The Witcher.

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Henry Cavill Trains for The Witcher

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
Henry Cavill in The Witcher

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Henry Cavill had quite some training goals as he had to focus on both losing weight and gaining muscle mass, at the same time. He states that his trainer, Dave Rienzi’s job became a challenge owing to his filming schedule and a lack of sleep.

“He had to find a way of leaning me up while putting on muscle mass without completely crushing me every day. But Dave Rienzi knows his stuff. He’s an excellent trainer.”

Dave Rienzi had to come up with a training program that was efficient and not overtaxing, at the same time. For this purpose, Henry Cavill was put on a program that combined body-building and athletic training. With this, he focused on pre-hab movements, core training, muscle activation, and mobility. Rienzi made Cavill lift 5 days a week, while he allotted 6 days for cardio.

His trainer also focused on nutrition, making protein intake a must for his recovery. However, Dave Rienzi also made sure to perfectly time the actor’s cheat meals in order to “replenish his body,” as well as his mind.

On days when the shooting location didn’t have an access to any gym, Rienzi had to get creative. They would utilize dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, and a TRX to achieve their daily goals. No obstacle was going to be big enough for the duo.

Troubles Faced By Henry Cavill between Training and Shoots

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill mentions that between the shoots and training at the gym, his body got little to no time to heal. He even posted the scars on his abs on Instagram saying that sometimes, the work comes home with you. With his injuries not healing quite completely, Cavill said that it was a difficult eight months.

“But, of course, it does crush you. After eight months of shooting, I was in quite a dire state. But we did it. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy at all.”

Despite all the lengths Henry Cavill went to achieve the “best shape” of his life, in his own words, the result was fruitful. He said he is extremely proud of his team for matching the high expectations he set for himself.

The Witcher is available to stream on Netflix

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