“It does not erase the Snyderverse”: Snyder Fans Relieved as ‘The Flash’ Viewer Confirms James Gunn Doesn’t Eradicate Snyderverse in Ezra Miller Movie

"It does not erase the Snyderverse": Snyder Fans Relieved as 'The Flash' Viewer Confirms James Gunn Doesn't Eradicate Snyderverse in Ezra Miller Movie

With just weeks away from its release, fans are engrossed to witness how The Flash sets up the new DCU, as it will provide a fresh start for James Gunn and Peter Safran to implement their DCU roadmap. However, a certain fraction of Zack Snyder fans, who weren’t happy with the Snyderverse getting rebooted may finally have something to smile about, as the Andy Muschietti film might not play out as some fans thought.

Although fans initially speculated that the Scarlet speedster will completely reboot the DCEU to make room for the new one, this might not be the case according to an early fan reaction.

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The Flash (2023)
The Flash (2023)

The Flash might not entirely erase the Snyderverse

Apart from the plethora of rave reactions from its early screenings, one reaction claimed that The Flash doesn’t completely erase the Snyderverse. Even though the film serves as a launch pad for the next chapter in DC, one fan reaction claims it completely respects what has come before and instead of completely resetting everything, it leaves the room open for certain things. These claims do seem in line with James Gunn’s initial announcement about his DCU, as The Suicide Squad director stated that the film “resets many things, not all things”.

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Following the extreme rave reviews from certain biggies of the industry regarding Muschietti’s upcoming work, the expectations for the Ezra Miller-led film keep on towering. And in addition with early reactions claiming that it doesn’t erase the Snyderverse and respects what has come before, many Zack Snyder fans have showcased their reassurance with the new DC project.

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Zack Snyder's Justice League
Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zack Snyder fans relieve with the new reactions to The Flash

Considering that the recent months haven’t been the smoothest for Zack Snyder fans, as the future of Snyder’s DC vision is washing off, the recent claims regarding The Flash have been a big relief for fans. Even though it’s reasonable to assume that the Darkseid storyline might not end up witnessing the end of the tunnel, The Flash reportedly isn’t focused on erasing the Snyderverse. Following these claims, fans of the Snyderverse have addressed the situation through Twitter.

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Ezra Miller as The Flash
Ezra Miller as The Flash

With DC fans anticipating the biggest DC project in years, the plethora of strong reactions from the early screenings keep on elevating the hype. And considering how rough the last few months have been for DC and its fans with the change in its regime, this might be the fresh start that the DC universe desperately needs.

The Flash will hit theatres on 16 June 2023.

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