“It does not sound right, Mike”: Michael Jackson Would Not Stop Singing Absurd Lyrics Despite Chris Tucker’s Warning

Michael Jackson Would Not Stop Singing Absurd Lyrics Despite Chris Tucker’s Warning

Michael Jackson was an influential figure in the music industry and his contributions to the world of music and dance are unparalleled. Known as the King of Pop, he had achieved the status of a global icon. He is among the best selling music artists of all time and has been inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. Being a huge force in the music world does not mean that one cannot enjoy the music of other musicians. A story involving Jackson and Chris Tucker reveals that the pop icon was a huge fan of the rapper 50 cent and his music.

Michael Jackson was Completely Jamming to 50 Cent’s Music

Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker
Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker

As revealed by actor Chris Tucker in an Instagram post uploaded by 50 Cent himself, the actor recalls in an anecdote involving the late pop star where they were listening to 50 Cent’s song In Da Club. Michael Jackson was such a huge fan of the song that he immediately started jamming to the beat of the song. But the vibe turned crazy, when Jackson started mouthing the lyrics of the song. Tucker hilariously recalled,

“He liked rap. He liked that 50 Cent song ‘In Da Club’, He liked the beat. So he’d be jamming to the beat. We’d be riding in the car and Michael would just be jamming to the beat. it’s cool until you start saying the words. That’s when it sound crazy.”

Tucker was finding the whole scenario of Jackson mouthing the rap lyrics to be weird and not fitting his persona, most possibly because of his softer voice compared to 50 Cent’s. He tried to convince him saying,

“[I’d be like] ‘Michael, Michael, no! Don’t sing the words. Please.’ [He’d say] ‘I love that song, Chris! I love that beat. I love it, Chris. That is a cold-blooded beat. Of course I wouldn’t go in the club with a bottle full of ‘bub, Chris. I wouldn’t do that! But I love that song!’ [I’d say] ‘It doesn’t sound right, Mike,’ [and he’d say] ‘I know but I love it!’”

Jackson hilariously did not care and was totally enjoying himself while jamming to one of his favorite songs, despite Tucker’s discomfort.

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Michael Jackson was a Fun Loving Guy

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

From the above anecdote, Michael Jackson seems like a guy who likes to enjoy life. He also enjoys and appreciates music of other genres, specifically rap in his case where he is totally a fan of 50 Cent’s music. Tucker’s anecdote reveals his fun loving persona where he lets go off the label of a huge pop star when in company with friends and shows a side of him that is sweet and relatable.

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The Legacy of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is also known for his Iconic Dance Moves
Michael Jackson is also known for his Iconic Dance Moves

Michael Jackson’s contribution to pop music still remains an inspiration even after his death. Many modern pop music parallel and emulate the sonic style and instrumentations of the 80s pop music of his era. Artists like The Weeknd who is currently one of the biggest names in pop music has time and again expressed the inspiration and impact Jackson has had in his life and his music. His iconic dance steps in his music videos and live concerts are still emulated and celebrated by professional dancers worldwide.

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