“It felt a little unjust”: Jennifer’s Body Star Blames Marketing Team for Ruining Cult-Classic Movie, Claims Depended Too Much on Megan Fox’s S*x Appeal to Attract Wrong Audience Instead

“It felt a little unjust”: Jennifer’s Body Star Blames Marketing Team for Ruining Cult-Classic Movie, Claims Depended Too Much on Megan Fox’s Sex Appeal to Attract Wrong Audience Instead
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In 2009, the film Jennifer’s Body was released to mixed reviews and poor box office performance, becoming a financial disappointment for its studio. Despite this, the film has developed a cult following over the years, with fans praising its feminist themes and biting social commentary.


However, some involved in the film’s production believe it was unfairly marketed and received a harsher reception than it deserved. One of these voices is Jennifer’s Body star Adam Brody, who recently spoke out about his frustrations with the film’s initial response and the marketing strategy that he believes ruined its chances for success.

Adam Brody Says The Marketing Process Was A Bum

Adam Brody
Adam Brody

According to Adam Brody, who played one of the members of a rock band that unwittingly unleashed a man-eating demon upon their small town, the marketing for Jennifer’s Body missed the mark of making the big bucks.


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In an interview with The Independent, Brody said that the film was “a marketing person’s dream” but that the team behind it decided to “bury” the fact that a woman directed it, starred two women, and was written by an Oscar-winning screenwriter.

“The film was directed by a woman, starring two women, written by that year’s screenwriting Oscar winner [Diablo Cody]. And instead they’re like, ‘Let’s bury all of that. Don’t tell anyone that. This is for people who like Transformers.'”

Instead, the marketing team allegedly focused on promoting Fox’s sex appeal, which Brody described as a “part Goosebumps, part Maxim” combination that had nothing to do with the film. He said that the negative reception to Jennifer’s Body felt “a little unjust,” even though it wasn’t his movie per se.


The film was a marketing person’s dream, and then to see them do that…Part Goosebumps, part Maxim. It’s not even anything she wears in the movie.”

Jennifer's Body
Jennifer’s Body

Adam Brody also shared his thoughts on the negative reaction that the film received upon its initial release. Brody expressed that the film’s poor reception “felt s—ty,” despite not taking the brunt of the criticism himself. Adam Brody added that the film’s reviews and subsequent treatment felt “a little unjust.”:

“To have it receive such tepid reviews — and in a way, to be a punching bag — felt s—ty,” he said in an interview with The Independent. “It wasn’t my movie, so I didn’t take the brunt of it, but it still felt a little unjust.”

Brody’s comments echo those of Diablo Cody, who has criticized the marketing of Jennifer’s Body in the past. In a 2018 interview with Vox, Cody said that the movie was marketed all wrong. The studio wanted to attract the male audience instead of recognizing that the film was also for the female audience that liked Megan Fox just as much. Diablo Cody added that the film’s feminist and queer subtext was largely ignored or dismissed by mainstream critics and audiences.

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What About A Jennifer’s Body Sequel? 

In recent years, Jennifer’s Body has gained a new appreciation among horror fans and critics, who have praised its dark humor, sharp satire, and subversive take on female sexuality and power dynamics. The film has been reevaluated as a feminist-horror masterpiece that challenges patriarchal and heteronormative ways.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

Even Fox, who has been celebrated and criticized for her role in the film, has expressed interest in revisiting Jennifer’s Body in some form. In a 2021 interview with The Washington Post, Fox said she would be open to reprising her role as Jennifer and suggested that the film could be turned into a TV series. Fox believes that Jennifer’s Body has become a rite of passage for young women and is ahead in many ways.

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Whether Jennifer’s Body will get a sequel or a TV adaptation remains to be seen. However, the fact that it has found a new and enthusiastic fan base years after its initial release is a testament to its enduring and evolving appeal. Perhaps, as Brody suggests, it’s time to let the female leads and creators of Jennifer’s Body take center stage and get the recognition they deserve.

Source: The Independent

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