“It is also not the same thing”: Christopher Nolan’s $109M Thriller Has Inspired Barbie Director Greta Gerwig to Leave Small Budget Movies

Christopher Nolan’s $109M Thriller Has Inspired Barbie Director Greta Gerwig to Leave Small Budget Movies
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With Christopher Nolan making mind-blowing movies with quite a significant amount of budget, director Greta Gerwig seems to have been inspired by the director. Having made several movies throughout his rich career, Gerwig is quite impressed with Nolan’s skills as a director.


Talking about the difference between small and big-budget movies, the Barbie director exemplified Nolan’s abilities to make The Dark Knight Trilogy but also make The Prestige, both of which, inspired Greta Gerwig to make her movies.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

How Greta Gerwig Was Inspired By Christopher Nolan

With Barbie and Oppenheimer nearing their release date, the friendly competition between the two movies is entertaining for the audience. With Greta Gerwig as the director of Barbie and Christopher Nolan as the director of Oppenheimer, it is going to be a game of box office collection between the two.

Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan on the sets of The Prestige (2006).
Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan on the sets of The Prestige (2006).

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In an interview, Greta Gerwig talked about her Hollywood career. Recalling that it was actually his frenemy Christopher Nolan who inspired her to find her own sense of movie making, Gerwig compared small-time movies and the big-budget magnum opuses. While talking about her future of making big-budget movies, Greta Gerwig gave the example of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy which was a big-budget franchise but also Nolan’s The Prestige which wasn’t that budget-heavy movie and yet, left people talking about it for years.

“I think probably every director has a fantasy baseball league in their head of what movies they want to make. And there’s some movies I’d like to make that require a big canvas. At the same time, I’ve seen so many directors move between bigger movies and smaller movies.”

The director further continued,


“Chloé Zhao doing Nomadland and making Eternals. Or Steven Soderbergh, or even my weekend buddy Chris Nolan. He made the Dark Knight trilogy — and they’re wonderful — and then made The Prestige, which is not a tiny movie, but it is also not the same thing. I want to play in lots of different worlds. That’s the goal.

With the upcoming release of Barbie, director Greta Gerwig talked about the philosophy involved in the movie. Talking about the topics of feminism and some real-life examples, Gerwig revealed that people would notice Ryan Gosling while they were shooting the movie while Margot Robbie was only getting peculiar looks from the people.

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Greta Gerwig Talks About Feminism And Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in Barbie (2023).
Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in Barbie (2023).

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During the run of the movie, a heavy emphasis on Barbie and not Ken has been observed. Since the film is indeed based on Barbie, it is only natural that Margot Robbie should have received attention for her role in the movie. Well, it wasn’t the case so as Greta Gerwig revealed that people were actually noticing Ryan Gosling more while Margot Robbie received awkward glances and stares from the people while shooting the movie.

“When we were actually shooting on Venice Beach, with Margot and Ryan in neon rollerblading outfits, it was fascinating because it was actually happening in front of us. People would go by Ryan, high-five him, and say, “Awesome, Ryan, you look great!” And they wouldn’t actually say anything to Margot.”

She further continued,

“They’d just look at her. It was just surreal. In that moment, she did feel self-conscious. And as the director, I wanted to protect her. But I also knew that the scene we were shooting had to be the scene where she felt exposed. And she was exposed, both as a celebrity and as a lady.” 

With her inspiration Christopher Nolan releasing Oppenheimer on the same day as Barbie, both movies are set for a release date of 21st July in theaters across the U.S.


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