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“It is bullying”: 4 Time Razzie Nominee Drew Barrymore Finds Golden Opportunity to Blast Razzie Awards for Nominating Child Actor

“It is bullying”: 4 Time Razzie Nominee Drew Barrymore Finds Golden Opportunity to Blast Razzie Awards for Nominating Child Actor

The Razzie Awards are bestowed to the worst movies and actors of the year which is a fun event in itself. Drew Barrymore, however, rallied the people’s support together to save a child actress that was nominated this year.

Before moving further ahead, Drew Barrymore has already been nominated 4 times for the Razzie awards but found the opportunity to slam the organization. Following the people’s backlash, the child actress’ nomination was rescinded and an age limit was put in place.

Drew Barrymore slams the Razzies for nominating a child.
Drew Barrymore slams the Razzies for nominating a child.

Drew Barrymore Draws Support Against The Razzies

Razzies or the Golden Raspberry Awards are bestowed every year and are the complete opposite of the Oscars. These awards are given to the worst movie or the worst acting and are nothing to be proud of though humorous in nature.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong in Firestarter (2022).
Ryan Kiera Armstrong in Firestarter (2022).

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4 time Razzies nominee Drew Barrymore has starred in several movies like Scream (1996) and 50 First Dates. When the Razzies nominated 12-year-old actress Ryan Kiera Armstrong for the worst acting category, it was too much for the people to bear. Drew Barrymore took charge and gathered support to stand against the Golden Raspberry Awards and claimed that certain restrictions must be drawn for the people.

“I don’t like it. She is younger and it is bullying. We do want to be cautious about how we speak to or about people because it encourages other people to join in on that bandwagon. I’m glad to see people didn’t jump on the ‘let’s make fun of her’ wave and instead said, ‘This isn’t right.’ You got to have a sense of humor but when you’re talking about children all bets are off. I don’t like it.”

Many people sided with the actress as they began to slam the Razzies for their nominations for a child actress. Ryan Kiera Armstrong portrayed the character of Charlie McGee in the 2022 reboot of Firestarter that was previously attached to Drew Barrymore in 1984.

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The Razzies Put An Age Limit Per Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore.
Drew Barrymore.

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After the severe backlash headed by Drew Barrymore, the Razzies decided to put an age limit to their nominations. The nominee must be a minimum of 18 years of age for their name to be considered in the categories in the Golden Raspberry Awards.

In a statement, John Wilson, the head of the group commented,

“The recent valid criticism of the choice of 11 year old Armstrong as a nominee for one of our awards brought our attention to how insensitive we’ve been in this instance. As a result, we have removed Armstrong’s name from the Final Ballot that our members will cast next month. We also believe a public apology is owed Ms. Armstrong, and wish to say we regret any hurt she experienced as a result of our choices,”

The said child actress in question Ryan Kiera Armstrong was seen recently starring alongside Nicolas Cage in The Old Way. As for Drew Barrymore, she continues to be the host of The Drew Barrymore Show.

Source: CBS

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