“It is not a white-savior story”: Leonardo DiCaprio’s $200 Million Worth Movie Flower Moon’s Script Went Through Major Changes

"It is not a white-savior story": Leonardo DiCaprio's $200 Million Worth Movie Flower Moon's Script Went Through Major Changes
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Leonardo DiCaprio’s name stands as a true powerhouse in the vast arena of Hollywood’s blockbuster productions. His highly anticipated cinematic endeavor, Killers of the Flower Moon, commanding an extravagant budget of $200 million, has sparked a fervent buzz among both steadfast fans and industry specialists.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

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Nonetheless, this ambitious project recently seized the spotlight due to profound alterations made to its script, setting the industry abuzz with intrigue and curiosity.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Multi-Million-Dollar Script Underwent Significant Changes

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ambitious multimillion-dollar undertaking, Flower Moon, recently underwent a profound script transformation that sent ripples through the film industry.

Renowned director Martin Scorsese, in collaboration with Eric Roth, undertook the formidable task of reworking the script, originally based on David Grann’s 2017 book, Killers of the Flower Moon.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Titanic star, Leonardo DiCaprio

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However, Scorsese’s new vision led to a dramatic shift in the story’s direction, centering it around the character of Ernest Burkhart and his union with Osage woman Mollie.

The director’s aim was obvious, he wanted to move away from an external perspective dominated by white characters and go deeper into the story’s core. He told Time Magazine,

“After a certain point, I realized I was making a movie about all the white guys. Meaning I was taking the approach from the outside in, which concerned me.”

This monumental script overhaul not only altered DiCaprio’s role to that of Ernest but also elevated Jesse Plemons to the role of Tom White, now a supporting character.


These script revisions have added layers of complexity and intrigue to the project, promising an immersive cinematic experience that will challenge and captivate audiences.

DiCaprio’s Flower Moon now stands balanced to redefine storytelling boundaries, ensuring it remains a subject of fervent discussion and anticipation in the years ahead.

However, the 48-year-old and his co-star have also provided insights into the reasons behind the initial rejection of the original Killers of the Flower Moon script.


Leonardo DiCaprio Shares Insights Behind Scrapping The Initial Killers Of The Flower Moon Script

Leonardo DiCaprio's
Leonardo DiCaprio’s first look at Killers of the Flower Moon

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DiCaprio, celebrated for his dedication to riveting storytelling, has illuminated the rationale behind the dramatic overhaul of the script for Flower Moon.

This revelation provides an intriguing glimpse into the meticulous creative journey driving this multimillion-dollar cinematic venture. Killers of the Flower Moon stands as one of the year’s most highly anticipated films, captivating movie enthusiasts eager to experience Scorsese’s epic vision.


In a recent interview with British Vogue, while the movie underwent modifications, DiCaprio and co-star Lily Gladstone made a startling revelation that the original script for the movie had a very different focus, one that was centered on FBI agent Tom White, a role that was eventually played by Jesse Plemons. 

Scorsese and DiCaprio’s decision to abandon this approach reflected their desire for a more balanced storytelling perspective, distancing the narrative from solely law enforcement’s point of view.

DiCaprio enunciated their creative evolution, stating,


“It just didn’t feel like it got to the heart of it. We weren’t immersed in the Osage story. There was this tiny, small scene between Mollie and Ernest that provoked such emotion in us at the reading, and we just started to penetrate what that relationship was, because it was so twisted and bizarre and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

This transformation underscores their unwavering commitment to crafting a narrative that deeply resonates with audiences and reaffirms storytelling excellence in filmmaking.

Source: Time Magazine, British Vogue


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