“It lives off sh*t”: Tom Hardy’s Superhuman Diet Doesn’t Include Live Lobsters For One Bizarre Yet Valid Reason

Tom Hardy, being a no-meat diet follower, had an interesting way of filming the popular Venom scene

Tom Hardy’s Superhuman Diet Doesn’t Include Live Lobsters For One Bizarre Yet Valid Reason


  • Tom Hardy does not eat seafood and maintains a no-meat diet.
  • The popular Venom scene of eating live lobsters was an improvisation by Hardy.
  • Instead of lobsters, the actor ate marshmallows in candy shells shaped like the sea creature
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Tom Hardy starred as the anti-hero Venom and since then the fame and acclaim the actor has received for the role is unmatchable. Labeled as the perfect real-life embodiment of his character, Eddie Brock, he has had many memorable scenes in the franchise that fans continue to ask him about.

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Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

One of the most memorable ones is the Brock munching on live lobsters in a high-end restaurant. Despite improvising the scene and having it added to the script was his idea, the actor’s superhuman diet doesn’t include any live lobsters at all because of what these crustaceans munch on.


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Tom Hardy Has A Bizzare Reason For Not Eating Lobsters

Tom Hardy as Venom
Tom Hardy in Venom

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A luxury food considered a delicacy all over the globe, Lobsters are enjoyed by many. However, for Tom Hardy, the actor has no taste or want for Lobsters or even any other meat. Even when he was a meat eater, the actor had no liking for the seafood. And so when Venom‘s popular scene of Brock, Hardy’s character, munching on live lobsters in a very high-end restaurant came about, it naturally raised many questions.

In WIRED’s The Web’s Most Searched Questions interview, Hardy was inevitably asked whether he decided to eat lobsters, the actor replied,


“No, I didn’t eat any of them. It’s a higher sentient being apparently because it lives off sh*t. And it eats, it’s a bottom feeder, and it can subsist on what people don’t need.”

While his superhuman diet doesn’t include any lobsters, the actor is not a meat eater either as he believes it isn’t right to kill animals for food, as he once revealed to USA Today,

“I don’t really see the point of killing a sentient being. It doesn’t sit right with me.”

This revelation once again led to speculations and questions, for Hardy is not a meat eater and detests lobsters, what did he eat in the popular scene from Venom?


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Tom Hardy Ate No Lobsters For The Popular Venom Scene

The famous Lobster scene
The famous Lobster scene

What many don’t know is that the lobster scene in the movie was an improvisation added on the insistence of Tom Hardy. Hardy getting into the tank was not a part of the script at all, instead, Brock had to run into it and pass out (via BBC Radio 1).


And so when Brock does get into the tank and eats live lobsters, the question arises what was the actor even eating since he is a vegetarian and does not even think lobsters are fit for human consumption? The secret was revealed by the director Ruben Fleischer, who stated in an interview with USA Today,

“When he bites the lobster, we had to have these candy-shell lobsters with marshmallow fillings… [and] weird chocolate syrup goo.”

And that is actually how the whole scene came about, making it one of the most popular ones in the whole movie.


Venom can be streamed on Disney+.


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