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“It looks much better than MCU’s version”: Shelved Spider-Man: Lotus Movie Releases Short Clip of Peter Parker Swinging That Puts Marvel Studios to Shame, Fans Demand VFX Team to Release Full Movie

Spider-Man Lotus: fan made movie by Warden Wayne

 is making waves in every form possible. Spider-Man No Way Home: More Fun Stuff Edition was released in theatres for fans with some extra scenes that were not in the original film. However, this is not the only Spider-Man making headlines. A fanmade film of Spider-Man called Spider-Man: Lotus has been getting a lot of attention for some time. 

Spider-Man Lotus Poster
Spider-Man: Lotus Poster

The film which received full support from fans, when its idea was introduced, has been facing backlash for the racist behavior of its director/writer, Gavin J. Konop, and actor Warden Wayne. But after a short clip of Spider-Man swinging in the city of New York was released from Spider-Man: Lotus, fans started demanding the release of the full film. 

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What is Spider-Man: Lotus?

After the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the studio announced that there will not be a follow-up movie of the film. Fans were disappointed with this, and some even took the responsibility to continue the story.

Soon a fan-made trailer, Spider-Man: Lotus, was released on YouTube. The trailer showed Peter Parker’s life after Gwen’s death.

spider man vfx 1
A Still from the Short Clip

The story in the trailer follows Peter struggling with Gwen’s death as he decides to stop being Spider-Man. But in the middle of all this, Spider-Man meets a young boy who sees him as his hero and believes in him. With the belief of this young boy, he once again starts believing in himself and Spider-Man.

The trailer received a very good response. Seeing the response, the creators decided to make the film. They received around $100,000 on Indigogo and started producing the film. 

Spider-Man: Lotus Movie Releases Short Clip 

The VFX team of Spider-Man: Lotus recently released a short clip from the film. The film shows Spider-Man swinging in the city of New York with an amazing VFX. The clip was revealed as a part of a showcase where the VFX artists of the film explained how they brought all this to life. 

A Still from Spider-Man: Lotus Trailer
A Still from Spider-Man: Lotus Trailer

The short clip presents a stunning portrayal of Spider-Man swinging through New York, with detailed sound effects and music. With such a low budget, the output is impressive.  But due to the controversy related to the creator and stars of the film, its release was canceled.

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Spider-Man: Lotus VFX Team Shares Their Journey

The short clip of Spider-Man: Lotus was released by the VFX team of the film. The video shows five members of the VFX team, Max Aurnhammer, Nero Omar, Justin Smith, Aadith Iyer, and Hunter Adams. 

A Still from the Short Clip
A Still from the Short Clip

The five members shared how they worked on the film and what it was like creating all those scenes. They also said that the film was made with the efforts of a team, and the actions of one or two people should not justify the output brought in by many people behind it. 

The team also addressed some of the controversy related to the film. They said some things were true and some were not. They also said that they had no issues while working on the film.

The Controversy With Spider-Man: Lotus

Everything was fine until a series of tweets and some leaked messages from stars were released on Twitter. The tweets contained Warden Wayne and Gavin J. Konop’s racist and homophobic remarks. 

The lead actor Warden Wayne posts an apology on Twitter and explains that he was raised in a conservative household and was not aware of how serious these types of comments can be in the public domain. 

Gavin J. Konop also released a statement saying that not everything released is true and most of these were from when he was a teenager. He also claimed that the account was not solely owned by him and had other admins as well. So, it was hard to tell which were from him and which from others. 

Warden Wayne
Warden Wayne

That’s not it, soon members of the VFX team started sharing the horrible treatment and experiences they had while working on the film. An anonymous VFX artist accused Gavin J. Konop of overworking them, having strict deadlines, and being rude to them, after which the team left the project, and a new team was hired to work on the film. 

All this led to the cancelation of the film. But with the release of the short clip and the response it is getting, nothing can be said as of now. The clip is amazing, and fans are loving it and they want more of it. So, we just have to wait and see what will happen to Spider-Man: Lotus. 

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