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“It made a huge difference”: Christopher Nolan Credits Leonardo DiCaprio’s Genius in Tweaking $836M Inception Script After Brad Pitt and Will Smith Refused

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Christopher Nolan is renowned for directing stellar movies imbibed with intricate narratives and complex yet fascinating plots. But even a genius is, at the end of the day, a human, because despite his copious talents concerning filmmaking, the British-American director’s original script for one of his most successful projects wasn’t what made it to the big screens. It was, in fact, a modified version of it that was finalized, courtesy of the Academy Award-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception

Even after more than a decade, Nolan’s Inception (2010) continues to be hailed as a cinematic masterpiece to this very date. But if it wouldn’t have been for the lead actor’s valuable insight on the script, then the movie might perhaps not have triumphed the way it did.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Suggested Changes in Inception‘s Original Script

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio along with Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Tom Hardy, Inception is a science fiction film wherein Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) serves as a professional thief who excels at invading people’s dreams to steal information. But in the midst of corporate espionage, Cobb had to sacrifice all that he loved. So, when he’s offered the golden opportunity of a fresh start in the form of wiping his criminal record clean, he takes it. However, there was a price to pay for his shot at redemption, and a dangerous one at that.

The film’s original script, however, happened to be a tad bit different, “superficial” even, as remarked by the director himself. While Christopher Nolan was building the story from a “genre perspective,” DiCaprio urged him to approach it with a more “character-based direction,” something which ultimately ended up making Inception a more “resonant film.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan
Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan

“I was working on a more superficial version…I was still trying to approach it from a genre perspective. Leo [DiCaprio] encouraged me to push it in a more character-based direction, more about the relationship. It made a huge difference. It was a fraught, difficult process…but it was very productive. I think he made it a more resonant film.”

Thanks to the Shutter Island star’s inputs and efforts though, the movie opened up to glowing critical and audience reviews along with a booming box office collection after grossing a ginormous sum of $836 million globally. The actors who rejected the project would’ve been reeling with regret after the film achieved those numbers.

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Brad Pitt And Will Smith Both Turned Down Inception

A still from Inception

DiCaprio might’ve starred in the film and delivered an impeccable performance, but the Titanic star wasn’t Nolan’s first choice.

The Dunkirk director first presented the role to famous Hollywood actor and film producer, Brad Pitt, giving him a window of only 48 hours to accept or reject the offer. And unfortunately for the Fight Club star, he chose the latter. Nolan then approached Will Smith for the lead part who too refused it. So, DiCaprio, 48, was passed on the role because these Hollywood hotshots declined it. But as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason and it clearly ended up working out in The Revenant star’s favor.

Inception can be streamed on Netflix.

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