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“It made it a lot more difficult to say no to”: Sandra Bullock Hesitated to Star in $317M Rom-Com Before Ryan Reynolds Stepped in, Called the Entire Genre Terrible and Unfunny

"It made it a lot more difficult to say no to": Sandra Bullock Hesitated to Star in $317M Rom-Com Before Ryan Reynolds Stepped in, Called the Entire Genre Terrible and Unfunny

One of the most successful actresses of her time and an Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock has featured in several genres over the years in her Hollywood career. However, the actress was initially hesitant to feature in the 2009 film The Proposal due to its genre. As per Bullock, she did not want to feature in Anne Fletcher’s 2009 film as she found the rom-com genre bad, terrible, and unfunny.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

However, she was unable to deny the offer after reading the script and learning about her co-star in the film. The Proposal follows a book editor Margaret Tate who fakes an engagement with her assistant Andrew Paxton after her visa renewal application gets denied.

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Sandra Bullock Was Unable to Say No to The Proposal

The 2009 film starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in the lead roles was a commercial success and went on to gross over $300 million at the box office. While the film did pretty well at the box office, Bullock did not want to feature in it initially.

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The Proposal (2009)
The Proposal (2009)

During an interview with Glamour, The Lost City star shared that she had no desire to do the film because the “RC word [romantic comedy] was attached to it.” However, she was advised to give a look at the script before making her final decision.

Bullock shared that she was very impressed with the story as it was very “well written.” But she still had her doubts regarding who would be able to bring the story on screen. “The problem, though, was who can direct a comedy like that? Who can raise the bar?” the Gravity actress shared.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock
Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

She was also curious about who would be cast in the film opposite her. It was then the Deadpool star was named for the role of Andrew Paxton in the film. Bullock shared that she found it hard to deny the offer after Reynolds was named for the movie. She shared that she has known him for a while, and it was the perfect opportunity to work with him as well.


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Sandra Bullock Enjoyed Playing Margaret Tate

Sandra Bullock portrays the editor-in-chief, Margaret Tate, of a major New York-based publishing house. The character is described as a “very impatient and impetuous woman” who has worked for years to be where she is. She is also feared by almost everyone in her office.

Sandra Bullock in The Proposal (2009)
Sandra Bullock in The Proposal (2009)

Talking about her character in the film, Bullock shared that she enjoyed portraying her character. “It was heaven. To be a bi*ch for three months and be unapologetic about it?” the Bird Box actress shared. She said that she was able to get away with things simply by claiming that she was in her character.

The Proposal is available on Amazon Prime.

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Source: Glamour

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