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‘It Makes Me Uncomfortable’: John Krasinski Accused of Being a Villain for Manipulating His Romantic Interest “Pam” in the Office

The Office with its hilarious and borderline offensive jokes has been a fan favorite ever since the series debuted in 2005. Several stars made big in the Hollywood industry because of the show, including John Krasinski. The actor most notable for playing the role of Jim Halpert is recently now in talks for being called a villainous manipulating man. Here’s what the actor responded.

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John Krasinski as seen in A Quiet Place (2018).
John Krasinski as seen in A Quiet Place (2018).

John Krasinski’s reaction on being called manipulative

John Krasinski portrays the role of Jim Halpert in The Office.
John Krasinski portrays the role of Jim Halpert in The Office.

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Appearing in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor, and the host had a humourous one-on-one interaction where they talked about many things. And among these fun activities, Jimmy Fallon asked jokingly, “Did you manipulate Pam?”. John Krasinski said “That makes me uncomfortable” and later on was shocked when he saw an article about him being the villain in The Office.

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The actor was on the show promoting his role as Superman in the new movie, DC’s League of Super-pets. The actor also stated that he will be working with Ryan Reynolds on a movie titled “Imaginary Friends” abbreviated as “IF”.

The Office actor feels “uncomfortable”

John Krasinski as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022).
John Krasinski as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022).

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Fans of the show currently reasoned out Jim Halpert’s character arc and concluded that he was an evil manipulating villainous figure for manipulating his romantic half “Pam” on the American sitcom. Fans of the sitcom (not sure if they are fans of Jim Halpert) gave a theory on why they feel that the character that John Krasinski played is a full-on sociopath!

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The words mentioned below are from a deleted 5-year-old Reddit account but it conveys most of the points:

Points from Reddit: “During the hot girl episode (S1, Ep 6) he pretends not to be interested in Amy Adams all day ( he knows he wants her but it would hurt his ability to bed Pam). So he waits until the very end and quietly talks to her. Then, once they start their fling, he realizes it can’t be a secret.”

The post continues, “So he eventually brings it up to Pam, then rubs it in her face. At a certain point, he tells everyone he is no longer talking to her, yet brings her on the “Booze cruise” episode anyway, again rubbing it in Pam’s face. Again…using a person as a means to an end.”

Alongside this, many other points try to prove that Jim Halpert was a sociopath. You can read the entire post here. 

Whether a sociopath or not, Jim Halpert has been a part of the entire run of the American sitcom. Many fans also loved the pairing and rooted for Jim to end up with Pam after all the things that he had to do. It was The Office that made John Krasinski a star and he is forever grateful to them.

Krasinski’s latest project, DC’ League of Super-pets is currently screening across theaters worldwide.

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