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“It never… Not even once ever works”: Marvel Star Rachel McAdams Was Furious After Spider-Man Producer Blasted Oscar Winning Director’s Passion Project

Marvel Star Rachel McAdams Was Furious After Spider-Man Producer Blasted Oscar Winning Director’s Passion Project

Rachel McAdams was a rising star in Hollywood with her back-to-back successes in the romantic drama genre. While several of her films in the 2010s failed to impress the audience, the Mean Girls actress remains a big name in the industry. Despite being very selective about her scripts, McAdams has encountered a number of critical and box office failures, one of them being the 2015 movie Aloha.

Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams

The movie was directed by Cameron Crowe who won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Almost Famous. However, Rachel McAdams defended the Bradley Cooper-led film despite its critical backlash.

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Rachel McAdams’ Aloha Was A ‘Mess’ According To Critics

Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams in Aloha
Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams in Aloha

Rachel McAdams did not accept the unfavorable verdict of Aloha from both critics and movie viewers alike. Aloha tells a romantic story set against the backdrop of a military mission for Bradley Cooper’s former US Air Force officer Brian Gilcrest. Set in Hawaii, the movie featured great acting talents including Emma Stone, Bill Murray, and John Krasinski, alongside Cooper and McAdams.

Critics bashed the movie, describing it as a ‘mess’, and called out Cameron Crowe’s overly sentimental and least compelling storytelling. Interestingly, leaked emails from the former co-chairman of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal revealed that the studio itself was not confident in the movie’s potential. The email reportedly said, “It never… Not even once ever works”.

McAdams hinted that these behind-the-scenes issues were the reason for the movie’s poor performance at the box office, rather than the movie itself. The movie made on a budget of $37 million only managed to gross $26.3 million at the box office.

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Rachel McAdams Believed Aloha Was Judged Unfairly

Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams in Aloha
Rachel McAdams defended her critically panned movie Aloha

Rachel McAdams felt that the criticisms directed at the movie and its director were unfair. The Wedding Crashers actress shared that Cameron Crowe deserved better for a project into which he had poured his heart and soul. McAdams further revealed that Aloha was the director’s passion project and she had one of the best movie experiences. The Southpaw actress told the LA Times:

“I think it was judged unfairly. There was a lot of weird stuff around it that I think had nothing to do with the film itself that clouded things. I thought there was some tough criticism on Cameron that I don’t think he deserved. He really puts his heart and his soul into everything, and I know that was a real passion project for him. … It was one of the top movie-making experiences I’ve had.”

The Notebook actress clearly was furious at the studio for its remarks on the movie. McAdams later appeared in Marvel projects, Doctor Strange and its sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The True Detective actress has taken part in only a handful of projects over the past few years, with some criticizing her picky attitude and choices.

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Rachel McAdams’ latest release Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret., unfortunately, faced a similar fate to Aloha at the box office, marking another setback for the actress.

Source: LA Times

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