“It only makes sense right?”: Iñaki Godoy Doesn’t Want the One Piece to be Gold or Money, Sees it to be Something Else Entirely

Iñaki Godoy Doesn’t Want the One Piece to be Gold or Money, Sees it to be Something Else Entirely
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The Netflix live-action version of the popular anime and manga One Piece has been making a lot of headlines, but only for good reasons. Widely being hailed as one of the best live-version remakes, it has a spectacular cast, and a spectacular storyline, all the while preserving the mythos’ authenticity.

A still from Netflix's One Piece
A still from Netflix’s One Piece

Part of keeping the authenticity of the manga or the anime is to make sure that the Netflix series follows the original secure material religiously. And so far, in season one, that is precisely what has been happening since Monkey D. Luffy hasn’t found the One Piece yet. Which brings us to the question of what One Piece is.

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What Is The One Piece In One Piece?

Nobody knows what the One Piece in One Piece actually is
Nobody knows what the One Piece in One Piece actually is

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Initially created by Eiichiro Oda in 1997, the manga, anime, and even now the Netflix live-action series features Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates embarking on an adventure in search of the One Piece. Ever since Gol D. Roger reached the Grand Line and revealed the existence of One Piece, countless crews and individuals have been dying to find the location of the ‘world’s greatest treasure.’

One of the most mysterious and highly sought-after treasures known to grant ultimate power and wealth, till now nobody has been able to find out what One Piece actually is. As the whole fandom of the popular mythos continues to ponder over its identity, the cast of the live-action Netflix series was asked about what they thought it actually was in the WIRED 50 of the Most Googled Questions interview. And the lead, Iñaki Godoy, in true Monkey D. Luffy fashion stated, 


“My theory is that the One Piece must be a taco. It only makes sense, right?”

While Godoy’s reply was a hilarious joke, one can’t help but wonder if the live-action series would ever feature Luffy finding the legendary treasure.

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Would Monkey D. Luffy Ever Find The One Piece In The Live-Action Series?

It's unsure if Monkey D. Luffy will ever end up finding the One Piece
It’s unsure if Monkey D. Luffy will ever end up finding the legendary treasure

The manga first made its debut in 1997, and since then, after dozens of adaptations as feature films, video games, toys, and millions of copies sold of the manga series, the Straw Hat Pirates are still yet to find the One Piece. The manga and the anime are still ongoing, and while they appear to be close to an end, it seems it would take yet another few years for it to conclude.


As for the live-action series, if it keeps staying true to the original source material, i.e. the manga, it would rightfully take 13 to 15 or more seasons for Monkey D. Luffy to find the poneglyphs – stones that can help locate the grand treasure. And another few seasons or so, Luffy would become the owner of the ultimate treasure finally. 

However, live-action series hardly run for so long, and realistically too it would be hard to keep it running so long since ‘humans tend to age.’ But whatever it may be, for now, the Netflix series is riding high on the tide of success. 

One Piece can be streamed on Netflix.


Source: WIRED 50 of the Most Googled Questions 


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