“It puts you in a very emotionally vulnerable state”: Benedict Cumberbatch Went Through Hell, Sacrificed His Mental & Physical Health to Lose Weight for A Movie

Benedict Cumberbatch Went Through Hell, Sacrificed His Mental & Physical Health to Lose Weight for A Movie
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Benedict Cumberbatch’s unwavering dedication to his craft knows no bounds, a fact he once again proved in his previous project, The Courier. Praised for his mesmerizing performances, the talented actor left fans and critics astonished. However, it wasn’t just his impeccable acting that captured attention, it was his jaw-dropping transformation for the role.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Marvel Star, Benedict Cumberbatch

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Fully committed, the 47-year-old embarked on a grueling journey, pushing his mental and physical limits to shed the required weight for the character. This extraordinary effort showcases his passion for the art of acting, where he fearlessly embraces challenges and delivers unforgettable performances.


Benedict Cumberbatch Discussed The Traumatic Experience He Had While Filming The Courier

Benedict Cumberbatch
Seasoned Actor, Benedict Cumberbatch

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In the world of showbiz, actors often went to great lengths to deliver extraordinary performances. Benedict Cumberbatch, known for his versatility, previously shared a candid account of the harrowing experience he endured while filming The Courier.

In a revealing interview, the acclaimed British actor said the 21-pound weight loss he endured for his movie The Courier had left him feeling very helpless, although he believed it helped his portrayal of his character.


Further, Cumberbatch detailed his transformative experience getting into the right shape for this character. He said,

“I lost about a stone and a half (21 lbs), and it was through the usual methods of dieting, but also some extreme exercise. You get very disoriented, you feel dehydrated, you feel hungry all the time. You feel emotionally and physically very vulnerable, all of which plays very helpfully into a character that must have endured this for months if not years.”

As Cumberbatch shed light on the immense effort required for such roles, it became evident that the journey to create art on screen could sometimes come at a significant personal cost. However, the weight loss truly helped the actor portray his character authentically.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Weight Loss Enhanced His Character Authenticity In The Courier

Benedict Cumberbatch
Doctor Strange Performer, Benedict Cumberbatch

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Immersing himself in the role of English businessman Greville Wynne, Cumberbatch embarked on a remarkable journey that left audiences in awe. Known for pushing boundaries, Cumberbatch revealed the challenges he faced during his weight loss journey for the film.

In his own words, he explained the grueling process, stating,

“But when you do start to feel slightly kind of, I can’t remember what the word is when you… it’s horrible, but it’s a description for self-digestion, you also have to strip away muscle. And that’s a very nasty thing to be doing.”

However, this dedication to authenticity helped him better comprehend the difficult phase of Greville’s life when he was held captive by Soviet authorities.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch As Greville Wynne

The Courier narrates a true story set against the backdrop of the Cold War, where Greville becomes a crucial liaison between the MI6, CIA, and Soviet official Oleg Penkovsky.

As the plot unfolds, the exhilarating adventure takes a darker turn, leading to two years of dangerous journeys, personal connections, and eventual capture.

The actor’s commitment to portraying the character’s physical and emotional turmoil with utmost authenticity shines through in this gripping portrayal.


His willingness to dig deep into Greville’s experiences allows audiences to witness the relentless spirit of a man caught in a world of spying and deception.

Through The Courier, Cumberbatch showcases not only his exceptional acting skills but also the lengths to which actors go to bring their characters to life.

The weight loss journey serves as proof of the dedication and sacrifices that lie behind remarkable performances on the silver screen. 


Source: Cinema Blend


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