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“It really breaks my heart”: Netflix’s 1899 Creator Addresses Copying Mind-Bending Ideas From Black Silence Comics, Refutes Plagiarism Allegations

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Netflix’s latest original sci-fi series 1899 has been getting a lot of critical acclaims. After successfully closing out on the German Sci-fi series, Dark, creators Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese have come up with the highly anticipated multi-language series, 1899. But apparently, this series has already got a serious accusation from Brazilian comic creator Mary Cagnin, who claims that Netflix plagiarized her entire work to create their new show.

1899 Copies Black Silence?

1899 and Black Silence

Mary Cagnin created the sci-fi comic Black Silence and now she has taken to Twitter to showcase a few identical frames from her comic and 1899. Here, take a look at the black pyramid that’s common between the two properties:

Cagnin also shared a couple more frames and story details that are seemingly mirrored in 1899:

Then, Cagnin went on to reveal the story behind her comic Black Silence, and how it broke her heart seeing that her work was picked up without mentioning her at all. She tweeted:

“[Translated it in English] I’ve cried a lot. My dream has always been to be recognized for my work nationally and internationally. And to see such a thing happen really breaks my heart. We know that in Brazil we have few opportunities to show our work and be recognized for it.

I had the opportunity that many comic artists never had: to be able to show my work to an international audience. People. I gave lectures. Talked about the plot. I presented it to influential people in the area. The business is serious.”

While the Black Silence creator fights for recognition, the 1899 co-creator denies all her accusations.

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Netflix and Baran Bo Odar Defend Themselves

Baran Bo Odar’s Reply

Baran Bo Odar took to Instagram and shared an image of what a Netflix executive had to say about the “plagiarism” accusations:

I wanted to stay quiet, but seeing the creators themselves receiving hurtful messages, which basically bullied them into saying something, is getting too far. They are two incredibly talented people and put so much work into creating their own ORIGINAL stories. It makes me extremely angry and sad to see so many follow the mass, without knowing what they’re talking about. 1899 is a special project they’re working on for many years and it has nothing to do with the comic. But if you saw the series and read the comic, you would know – and we wouldn’t have those conversations. I will always stick around and defend them because I know what they create is always something unique.

Odar also claimed that he and Jantje Friese had no idea about who Mary Cagnin was and which comic she created. They’ve reached out to Cagnin in hopes that she would take her accusations back as the connections between 1899 and Black Silence are almost nonexistent.

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Stills from 1899 and Black Silence

Really, the only similarities that these two stories have are the presence of Black Pyramids and Outer Space elements. Those who have read the comic and finished 1899 would be able to conclude that the two properties are totally different. So no! 1899 is not a copy of the aforementioned Brazillian comic book.

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