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“It resets many things, not all things”: James Gunn Reveals The Flash Can’t Erase His Wife Jennifer Holland From the DCU Despite Ousting Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck Without Remorse

“It resets many things, not all things”: James Gunn Reveals The Flash Can’t Erase His Wife Jennifer Holland From the DCU Despite Ousting Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck Without Remorse

The Flash is one of the most important superheroes of the DC Universe and is also one of the starting members of the Justice League. As everybody knows and as his name suggests, the name Flash comes from his speed as he is able to run superfast which results in him having superfast reflexes. After the Justice League was released in 2017 directed by Joss Whedon, there have been no further updates about The Flash along with many other characters as Snyder left the DCU. But recently after James Gunn’s takeover, long waited news has come out about The Flash and other superheroes.

Zack Snyder's Justice League
Zack Snyder’s Justice League

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James Gunn on The Flash and the reboot

The Flash with his extraordinary speed, fast reflexes, and the most prominent ability — the ability to time travel if he goes beyond a specific speed thus ripping into the speed force and traveling either to the past or the future is a godly ability that only he can achieve. In the movie Justice League, just when the Mother Box exploded killing everyone including Superman, The Flash had to use his speed to travel to the past and prevent it from exploding, which later enabled them to win against Steppenwolf and delay Darkseid’s invasion on Earth.

Ezra Miller as the Flash in the DCU.
Ezra Miller as the Flash in the DCU

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Recently, DC Studios co-Chairman and co-CEO James Gunn commented that no matter how many times, the Flash changes the past, present, or future some things remain unchanged. The upcoming movie would bring some major changes and might also talk about the DCU multiverse that would lead to changes. He stated the upcoming film, The Flash, “resets many things, not all things” by which he meant that some previous actors who played their superhero roles will continue to do so in the upcoming projects as per the Bible after he rebooted the DCEU with a clean slate. Though he did not inform us which cast members will return and who will be portraying the new roles, casting has not yet begun.

James Gunn Keeps His Wife and Removes Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck

James Gunn after removing Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Dwayne Johnson was hit with nepotism claims as after his arrival in the DC universe, he has included his wife Jennifer Holland in every single movie. Though fans are flaming him for this reason he used her as a medium to connect all the movies together which will be crucial in the later stages. Many fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts about Gunn’s decision to keep her around even after the complete reboot of the universe.

Jennifer Holland and James Gunn
James Gunn and Jennifer Holland

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James Gunn responded to one of the fans who commented on Twitter “Aren’t you rebooting the DCEU 100%” to which he replied, “Flash resets many things, not all things. Some characters remain the same some do not.” by which he intended on keeping his wife, Jennifer Holland around for further roles in the upcoming movies as per his recent update of the DCEU Bible.

The upcoming DCEU movie Shazam: Fury of Gods is set to hit the theatres on March 17, 2023.

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