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“It was a f—ked up time”: The Crown Star Josh O’Connor Never Wanted Fame, Claims He Had A Sympathetic Reason Behind His Stint On The Show

The Crown Star Josh O’Connor Never Wanted Fame, Claims He Had A Sympathetic Reason Behind His Stint On The Show

Josh O’Connor, famously known for playing Prince Charles in the Netflix series – The Crown, has an interesting view on the fame that he achieved with the show. That fame also got him another gig with Marvel star Zendaya in Challengers which broke the internet with its trailer drop two months ago.

In an interview with GQ, O’Connor touched on the subject of playing a member of the Royal family and the way it has impacted his life. While filming for this year’s La Chimera, which is set to release this November, O’Connor revealed that he lived out of a van to get away from all the fame The Crown rewarded him with.

Josh O'Connor
Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles in The Crown

He also revealed that he had no intention to audition for the part as he did not support the monarchy. But, it all changed when he learned a bit more about the storyline of his character and one particular angle that he found incredibly sympathetic that got him to say yes.

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Josh O’Connor Never Looked To Become Famous

Although filmmakers had already taken notice of his talent from his true breakthrough film, God’s Own Country (2017), The Crown only magnified that fame when he appeared in the series for the first time with season 3. 

According to GQ, his performance in the hit Netflix series ended his days of living in anonymity, and O’Connor, in fact, had strong words to say about his popularity. “It was a f**ked-up time. I found it so impactful, people stopping me,” he told GQ.

Josh O'Connor
Josh O’Connor in God’s Own Country (2017)

He also recalled a funny incident that he went through as the actual Prince Charles, who’s now the King of England, had his coronation in May. Reporters, as O’Connor said, asked him for any comments on the matter. “I felt really happy for [Charles] because it must feel like his whole life has led to that moment,” he further added to GQ.

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Josh O’Connor’s Sympathetic Reason To Join The Crown

King Charles’ life as a young man, according to Josh O’Connor, wasn’t what most people would think about. Despite being born and brought up in the Royal ways, he was always behind his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. Upon reading the script, the actor was struck with a sympathetic feeling toward him. 

Josh O'Connor
Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles and Emma Corrin as Princess Diana

In an interview with British GQ, he said –

“What I’m gradually finding is a guy waiting for his mother to die for his life to have meaning. His whole life has been in purgatory. Waiting for your parent to die is pretty messed up.”

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O’Connor played Prince Charles for seasons 3 and 4 and passed on the torch to Dominic West (300). West is also reported to have close ties with King Charles, as per Entertainment Weekly.

The Crown is streaming on Netflix.

Source: GQ, British GQ

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