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“It was a privilege to be back. Suit still fits”: Stephen Amell Permanently Bids Adieu To Arrowverse after One Last Ride in The Flash Season 9

"It was a privilege to be back. Suit still fits": Stephen Amell Permanently Bids Adieu To Arrowverse after One Last Ride in The Flash Season 9

Stephen Amell’s role as the Green Arrow marked the beginning of the golden era of network superhero shows which were beloved among fans but lost their charms along the road.

But as the Arrowverse is finally inching towards the end, it seems the guy who started it all is back for one last goodbye to this decade-long universe and is going to return in the upcoming season 9 of The Flash.

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Stephen Amell as Green Arrow
Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

Stephen Amell returns for one last time as Green Arrow

After a run of 8 seasons as the vigilante and eventually sacrificing himself to save the multiverse, Stephen Amell is back on board again for the final chapter of CW’s The Flash and the Arrowverse as a whole.

Stephen Amell’s Arrow went on to catch substantial heights after its first season aired in 2012 and then went on to branch its shared universe with a plethora of DC heroes.  Although the series lost its charms after the initial seasons and never caught up to the quality of its predecessors, the crisis on infinite Earth gave a deserved sendoff to its most prominent hero in 2020.

But as The Flash is moving towards its final season and essentially the final chapter of the decade-old Arrowverse, it’s only fair to have the guy who started this all back, as Stephen Amell’s return has fans excited again for the worn-out universe. The actor is ready to dawn the suit in the 9th episode of the season and fans can’t wait to see Stephen Amell in that suit and phrasing his famous line “you have failed this city.”

Although it isn’t revealed how the character will return after his death during the crisis event, one thing is for sure the actor isn’t going to return in the form of Specter, the supernatural mantle he took to help the seven Paragons to reboot the universe from scratch, and the actor is going to make his last appearance in the original Green Arrow spandex which is confirmed through his tweet “Suit still fits.”

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Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell
Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell

The Arrowverse is finally resting for good

The Flash season 9 is finally concluding the saga of the Arrowverse which many believe was long overdue considering its downward spiral in terms of popularity and ratings for years and manufactured itself as a beacon of mediocrity. Fans believe that the long-awaited death of the franchise will finally make room for better and bigger shows to grow in its place.

Although at its prime, Arrowverse had around half a dozen shows on the air, after the crisis on infinite earth event, the universe has been struggling to keep afloat and with many shows being canceled including  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman in earlier 2022 and with the exit of Superman and Lois from CW to HBO Max, The Flash ending seems like the final nail in the coffin.

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Flash and Green Arrow
Flash and Green Arrow

Although the Arrowverse has come a long way since its initial days, it sure did lose its charm and kind of lost into obscurity post-Crisis on Infinite Earth event. Even though it consisted of the most prolific and consistent universe for DC characters, it seems the universe is finally resting for good.

The Flash season 9 will premiere on February 8 on The CW

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