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“It was a real gift”: Ted Lasso Heartthrob Phil Dunster Gets Emotional Ahead of Series Finale

"It was a real gift": Ted Lasso Heartthrob Phil Dunster Gets Emotional Ahead of Series Finale

Ted Lasso, the comedy-drama series airing since 2020 is finally coming to an end. Phil Dunster, the actor known for portraying the role of Jamie Tartt has already accepted the end of the series and claimed that the series was truly a real gift for the young actor.

While talking about the series finale, Dunster could not help but get emotional at the end. While comparing the series to one of the best things to ever happen, the actor revealed that he will indeed miss Ted Lasso and all the shenanigans that he used to do on set.

Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein in “Ted Lasso,”
Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein in “Ted Lasso,”

Phil Dunster Bids An Emotional Goodbye To Ted Lasso

The story of an American football coach hired by a British soccer team would be one of the perfect grounds to set up a comedy-drama series. With soaring reviews and comedic jokes, the first seasons of Ted Lasso aired in the year 2020.

Phil Dunster.
Phil Dunster.

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Continuing this legacy, it was recently revealed that Ted Lasso will end with its third season in the year 2023. With its final episode less than a week away from release, actor Phil Dunster who portrayed the character of Jamie Tartt in the series sat down for an interview. Talking about the finale with Esquire, Dunster revealed what he will most likely miss about his character and the show that he was such a big part of. Phil Dunster, gave quite an emotional answer as he prepared to bid adieu to his character.

“He has an element to him, which I just don’t, and that is a total conviction of who he is. He’s a little terror, but he’s learned to be that guy with some kindness. I’ll miss just knowing this dude intimately and all of his choices. It was a real gift.”

The Devil’s Hour actor further continued,

“It’s also that I just miss being with all of those people, having those scenes with Brett. I miss that very much. It’s a weird thing, in that it’s a friendship that you won’t get back: These two characters getting to meet, it becomes a part of you. And unless we hold private meetings in our room and write fanfiction…”

With an interesting character to portray, it indeed makes sense why Dunster joined Ted Lasso. According to the actor, he wanted to be a professional rugby player back in his youth but could not join the team.

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When Phil Dunster Wanted To Become A Rugby Player

Phil Dunster and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso.
Phil Dunster and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso.

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After starring in Ted Lasso, Dunster eventually revealed that his original dream plan was to become a professional rugby player. In the interview, the actor opened up about how his dream was crushed when he was not selected for the rugby team and how an art teacher helped him become an actor.

“I wasn’t good enough for rugby. I went for a trial at a rugby club, and they were like, “Nah, mate.” And I thought, Fair enough. I was 15, 16—around that time where you’re figuring out what it is that you want to go into.”

He further continued,

“But I had an amazing drama teacher at school, this incredible soul of a person who spoke to all of us like we were adults. We put on Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas. I mean, the play is pretty boring. But I remember sitting around in rehearsal, thinking, Nothing’s happening, and yet everybody here believes that there is this tiny, parochial village that we are all in. “

The final episode of the series is scheduled for a release date of 31st May 2023. Ted Lasso is currently available to stream on Apple TV+.

Source: Esquire

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