“It was a religious experience”: After Spoiling The Punisher’s Return to The MCU, Rosario Dawson Dropped Another Update on Star Wars: Ahsoka Series

Rosario Dawson

Star Wars: Ahsoka is currently under production and according to the recent reports by Rosario Dawson there will be one episode of the show that is fully cut jointly and completed. According to Rosario Dawson and showrunner Dave Filoni’s first screening, the episode was nothing quick of a “religious experience.”

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Rosario Dawson spoiled major plot of Star Wars: Ahsoka
Rosario Dawson spoiled a major plot of Star Wars: Ahsoka

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Star Wars: Ahsoka will be digging in the core story strings that Star Wars Rebels left hanging and which have already been lifted by the events of The Mandalorian Season 2.

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Star Wars: Ahsoka Star Rosario Dawson Talks About Watching First Episode

Rosario Dawson talked about watching Ahsoka's first episode
Rosario Dawson talked about watching Ahsoka’s first episode

We know that Rebels ended on a cliffhanger dilemma during the Imperial era: one of the last Jedi-in-training, Ezra Bridger, used his huge Force power to take a main figure of the Empire out of the war: the maniacally brilliant Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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While showing up on a panel for the C2E2 meeting in Chicago, Rosario Dawson talked about where things are currently resting with Star Wars: Ahsoka:

“So I will say this. I will probably get in trouble for saying this. But Dave saw one of the episodes already edited together. And he walked out – him and Carrie Beck – like both like glossy-eyed. And he said to me that it was a “religious experience.”

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Rosario Dawson Accidentally Leaks the Plot for Star Wars: Ahsoka

Star Wars: Ahsoka characters
Star Wars: Ahsoka characters

Ezra Bridger and Thrawn were key figures who were consequently missing from the actual era of the full Rebel Alliance’s battle against the Empire. In The Mandalorian Season 2, we will find out that Ahsoka Tano will be still fighting the battle to chase Thrawn, who is seemingly back and active by the time of The Mandalorian’s story.

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The Ahsoka casting has been revealed, it says that Rebels star Sabine Wren will be arriving for live-action, played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo to help Ahsoka complete the mission to find Ezra Bridger, which they started in the finale episode of Rebels. Fans are now nibbling at the bit of information to find out what’s become of both Thrawn and Ezra Bridger, and what is going to happen for the future of the Star Wars franchise.

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Star Wars: Ahsoka is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in 2023.


Written by Shreeparna Das