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“It was almost our best asset”: James Mangold Forced Hugh Jackman to Make ‘Logan’ R-Rated After Studio Trashed His ‘Japanese Noir’ Style $414M Movie for More CGI

"It was almost our best asset": James Mangold Forced Hugh Jackman to Make 'Logan' R-Rated After Studio Trashed His 'Japanese Noir' Style $414M Movie for More CGI

James Mangold and Hugh Jackman made X-Men fans jump in joy with just how much Logan was able to offer them. It was even said to be one of the best superhero movies so far. Both of them have worked together to create a masterpiece loved by all. A major step taken by Fox Studios and Walt Disney Studios was the merger between the two when the former was purchased by the latter.

James Mangold
James Mangold

The director and the actor both tried their level best to make sure the movie was R-rated to as to ensure perfection for the audience. Had that not been the case, the plot of the movie would have suffered greatly. A lot outside of language and violence changes because of a rating and Mangold wanted to avoid that.

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James Mangold Made Sure Logan Was R-Rated For Hugh Jackman

James Mangold had worked extremely hard in bringing to life the story of Wolverine in a way that would be remembered forever. His storytelling proved to be exceptional with just how much effort was put into making the movie it’s absolute best.

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James Mangold
James Mangold

“Because the second the marketing arm of a studio realizes it cannot market to children, five or six creative things happen. The scenes can go deeper, and can be written for adults. Not just language, not just [violence], as you’re saying, but the themes can be more interesting, the words you’re using can be more complicated. The ideas can be more complicated.”

Mangold elaborated on how the very fact that if the movie had an R-rating, it would change many things, and if not, then things would be much more complicated. Eyeing it purely for the children or a less mature audience would limit them in terms of how much the story can be explored. So he took the help of Hugh Jackman and made sure the movie got the desired rating. Although it is uncommon to see superhero movies get an R-rating, Logan fought its way through and won.

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James Mangold Was Not Okay With Fox Competing With Disney

James Mangold explained how during the time Logan was being made, there was a lot of competition with regard to superhero movies and Fox Studios was no exception to it. They also wanted to see more toys and merchandise, they wanted to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they wanted an audience both grown up and small.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

“But by the time we got to market, the very thing people were most tired of was the thing the studio wanted to make sure we had enough of. The thing the studio was most worried about – which was this kind of Hong Kong crime movie, this kind of Japanese noir I was making, was almost our best asset.”

They wanted to see a lot more CGI despite the movie that Mangold had in mind. His idea had been that of a Japanese noir movie that would have dominated the fans’ hearts. He even admitted that his own idea had been a saving grace for Logan and Jackman.

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