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“It was another variant your honor”: Internet Trolls Jonathan Majors as Lawyer Claims Victim Injuries a “Complete Lie”

"It was another variant your honor": Internet Trolls Jonathan Majors as Lawyer Claims Victim Injuries a "Complete Lie"

Actor Jonathan Majors, who starred in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, has recently attracted media attention for all the wrong reasons. Assault and harassment charges were filed against the actor after he was detained in Manhattan for what police called a domestic dispute. Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ attorney, says her client is provably the victim and completely innocent of the incident.

Jonathan Majors Claims Innocence

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors

According to Jonathan Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry, her client is “completely innocent” and “provably the victim” of the alleged domestic dispute. Variety claims that there is video footage from the car where the incident allegedly occurred, witness testimony from the driver and bystanders, and two written statements from the woman denying the allegations.

“Jonathan Majors is innocent and has not abused anyone. We have provided irrefutable evidence to the district attorney that the charges are false. We are confident that he will be fully exonerated.”

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The lawyer representing Jonathan Majors claims to have proof that the alleged assault victim has admitted fault and no longer wants the actor to face charges.

Jonathan Majors.
Jonathan Majors.

The evidence presented by Chaudhry has not stopped internet trolls from making jokes about Majors on social media. It’s unfortunate that remarks like “It was another variant your honour” contribute to a culture in which victims of domestic violence and assault are not taken seriously.


TMZ reports that Majors was arrested on multiple charges, including misdemeanor assault, aggravated harassment, attempted assault, and harassment, after a woman claimed she caught him with another woman while he was texting her.

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The Attorney Makes Some Statements

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors

Attorney Priya Chaudhry for Jonathan Majors also told TMZ that the texts show “she was the one who used physical force against him.” According to Chaudhry, the 30-year-old woman admits as much in a text message.

A few hours later, they continued their conversation via text, with the woman promising to make sure the D.A. didn’t press charges against Majors. In addition, the document claims that they have evidence to refute the woman’s injuries and label them a “complete lie.”

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The victim also reports a laceration behind her ear and a broken finger. However, Chaudhry has revealed that they have hours of purported security footage that places the woman in a nightclub shortly after the incident.

However, according to Majors, the driver can testify that he never raised his voice or physically contacted the alleged victim. According to Majors and his lawyer Chaudhry, the driver did not see the woman “hitting, scratching, and attacking” Majors. Majors exited the vehicle after requesting the driver to pull over.

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